Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series- Winter Cup 2012: Glen Helen Raceway

The third round of the Muscle Milk TransWorld Motocross Winter Cup took place under clear skies at San Bernardino's Glen Helen Raceway. The world-renowned circuit was it's typical rough and fast paced self and tested even the most talented racers as they navigated up the towering hills and over the scattered obstacles. Thirty-six motos were run in a timely manner after nearly five hundred entrants made their way to the starting line, a number that has steadily grown since the first round.

While every moto featured moments of excitement and triumph that kept the masses at the fence line, none compared to the amount of attention that the 30+ Pro Class received. With former superstars Jeremy McGrath, Travis Preston, Mike Sleeter, and Mark Tilly on the gate, those in attendance were treated to a race unlike any other. Preston would win the aforementioned battle, while Sleeter claimed first in the 450 Pro class and McGrath would go on to win the Open Pro division. The Intermediate ranks were not shy on excitement, as the battle between eventual winner Cooper Webb, second place Jessie Huntley, and final podium placer Mitch Van de Mortel raged for the duration of the race and was every bit as exciting as the 30+ Professional motos.

Our friends at Bell Helmets donated a new Moto 9, the latest offering from the protection giant, and held a drawing with names chosen from the online entry list to choose a recipient. 14-year-old Sterling von Hartmann was named the lucky winner and will receive the brand new lid courtesy of those at Bell. One Industries will do the same at the next round and one online entrant will be randomly picked to win a new set of gear from the company's catalog.

Effective at Round Four -Milestone MX

In order to expedite the process behind the starting line, gate picks for the first motos will now be determined by the order that entries are received. The second motos gate picks will be determined by results of the first moto. Sign up online for a chance to get a better gate pick for the first moto.

The fourth round of the Muscle Milk TWMX series will take place in the heart of Riverside County on Milestone MX Ranch's technical Main Track on February 19th. Sign ups are now open at

Round Four – Milestone MX – Riverside,CA – Feb. 19, 2012

Words and Photos: Casey Davis