The commencement of the 2014 Muscle Milk TWMX Spring Cup series has officially begun. Perris Raceway was host to the opening round and it was another great day of racing for the books. California’s oldest motocross track has nothing but true motocross conditions for competitive racing and it’s all thanks to the many different obstacles that are strewn throughout the race tracks. Plenty of ruts, big jumps and all around technical sections are the name of the game when it comes to Perris and it makes for great racing.

A few of the race series’ sponsors made the trek out to Perris Raceway to show their support for the few hundred racers in attendance. EKS Brand Goggles had some of their killer color-ways on display and ODI Grips had everyone covered with new grips and handlebars. Also, Etnies was on hand with a fresh pair of shoes from their newest line and tons of stickers.

The presence of Yamaha was really felt at round one of the 2014 Spring Cup. But, then again, how could it not be felt with the many bikes, generators and other Yamaha products they’ve graciously donated for raffle prizes for many lucky winners in the past.

As expected, some of Southern California’s fastest racers showed up to round one of the Spring Cup to strut their stuff and see how they stacked up against each other. One of the newer classes to join the lineup of racing is the 125 2-stroke Open class and if you love the sweet sounds of young rippers aboard screaming 125cc dirt bikes, then this is the class for you. Miles Mcdonald emerged the victor in this competitive class, but not before a challenge from Ciaran Naran and his Husky who finished in a close second with a win in moto one. Luke Purther was another young ripper, but this time in Schoolboy thru 17 and 250 Intermediate. Purther was on a total rampage and walked away with both overalls and a total of four moto wins to his name at the end of the day. Both Open Non-Pro moto wins went to Triston Stephenson for the overall and he also had a great battle with Purther in 250 Intermediate, but had to settle for second overall behind the KTM rider. When it came time for the Pros, it was Joseph Reynolds, Sean Lipanovich and Sergey Astaykin who really shined. Reynolds took both moto wins in 250A and a third overall in Pro-Open, while Lipanovich took home the first place trophy in 450A and a second overall in Pro-Open. Astaykin was the overall victor in Pro-Open and was the third place finisher in 450A.

Luke Purther was on a mission this weekend. Every moto he lined up for he won. Purther went home with overalls in Schoolboy thru 17 and 250 Intermediate and finished almost every moto with a commanding lead.

Triston Stephenson was another guy on a mission. Stephenson was dominant in both motos of Open Non-Pro and finished in a very close second place behind Purther in 250 Intermediate. Although he didn’t get as many moto wins as he’d hoped for, his triple-triple line through this double-double-double section was impressive to say the least.

Out of all of the pros, the consistency award went to Sean Lipanovich. Lipanovich won 450 Pro with a 1-2 finish and a second overall in Pro-Open with a 2-2 finish.

We hope to see you all at round two of the Muscle Milk TWMX Spring Cup, which will be held at Milestone MX Ranch on April 13th. See you there!