We’re now officially beyond the halfway point in the Muscle Milk TWMX 2014 Spring Cup and the racing at round three couldn’t have been any better. Well over 500 racers flooded the gates of Cahuilla Creek MX Park and quite a few heavy hitters were amongst them.

Parts of Southern California saw a bit of rain in the days leading up to round three at the Anza, CA facility and the moisture ended up being a little bit of an ally to racers in helping to better the track conditions. With a few hundred riders constantly ripping the track to pieces, everyone needed all of the help they could get.

As at every round, a few of the race series’ sponsors made the trek up to Cahuilla Creek MX to supply riders with all of the necessary goods for a hard day of racing. EKS Brand Goggles had the goggles, lens’ and tear-offs, ODI had the grips, Etnies had the shoes and Muscle Milk had the beverages-everything needed to stay on top of your game.

Etnies has been a sponsor of the TWMXRS since the beginning and we’re proud to have them around. This weekend, they brought out a few pairs of their new lineup and we can’t wait to get our hands on a pair.

The Muscle Milk TWMXRS has been attracting more and more top riders in each class and it’s quite noticeable at each round. At round three, Bradley Taft, Dylan Anderson, Kai Mukai, Shawn Maffenbeier, Jayme Gardiner and Luke Reardon were among the elite. Anderson and Mukai had incredible battles all day. Taft did, however, get the best of the two Yamaha riders in 250B and 450B by winning both overalls, but that didn’t stop Anderson and Mukai from going bar to bar all the way to the finish. In 250B, Anderson finished just behind Taft for second overall and in 450B, Mukai got the best of Anderson for second. Also, Anderson was able to bring home the overall in Open (non-pro). When it came to the Pro classes, Reardon was the top dog in 250A with the top finish and Maffenbeier was the man to beat in 450A as he took home the overall with Gardiner just behind in second. Pro-Open was another great one to watch as Maffenbeier swept both motos with Gardiner, again, finishing in a strong second.

If consistency was the goal for Dylan Anderson, then he nailed it this weekend. Anderson finished third overall in 450B, second overall in 250B and won Open (non-pro). Not bad for a days work!

Bradley Taft was absolutely on fire. The Yamaha rider won both 250B and 450B and finished with commanding leads in every moto.

Shawn Maffenbeier was a man on a mission. Maffenbeier won 450 Pro and Pro Open and he, too won every one of his motos.

Once again, tons of great racing was had at round three of the TWMXRS and we hope to see you again at round four, which will be held at Glen Helen Raceway on May 4. See you there!