Muscle Milk TWMX Summer Cup 2014 Round 1: Milestone MX Ranch

The 2014 Muscle Milk TWMX Summer Cup has officially been kicked into gear. The opening round saw a ton of close racing and all of the excitement that goes along with it. Milestone MX Ranch was the site for round one and the facility saw it’s fair share of roughness today as some of the fastest racers in Southern California pounded out motos in the treacherous heat.

Vendor row was the place to be this weekend as a bunch of the race series’ sponsors came out to show their support for every rider in attendance. EKS Brand Goggles had everyone covered with goggles and accessories, ODI had the grips supplied, Leatt-Brace had a nice setup with a huge selection of neck braces and other goodies and Bell helmets bought out their coolest and best selling helmets for everyone to drool over. Also, the TWMXRS has added a new sponsor to the series-HLTN Collective. Tony D, Josh Grant and the boys from HLTN came out with some really cool products and JG even had a little autograph session for the fans. At one of the next few rounds, HLTN will be raffling off one of JG’s jerseys, as well. They know how to start things off proper.

JGRMX/Toyota/NFAB/Yamaha’s Josh Grant and his son Wyatt came out to the opening round of the Summer Cup with the rest of the HLTN Collective crew as they are now a sponsor to the race series. JG even signed a few autographs for his fans.

Leatt-Brace came fully prepared for round one of the Summer Cup. They had everything from knee guards to neck braces and all at great prices.

When it came time for the racing there were a few riders that stood out amongst the crowd. Ciaran Naran was the kid to beat this weekend as he walked away with a few moto and overall wins to his name. Naran finished with the overall in Schoolboy (thru 17) with a 2-1 and swept both motos in Supermini. Rylan Uddberg was another really fast youngster as he and Naran had some great battles in Schoolboy were he finished with a 1-2 for second and a 2-1 finish in 450B was good enough for the overall win. Julio Zambrano put on a clinic this weekend as he swept every one of his motos. Zambrano went home with overalls in 250B and Open (Non Pro). Sean Lipanovich was another rider to have a great weekend. Lipanovich went 1-2 for the overall in 450A and a 2-1 finish gave him the win in Pro-Open.

Sean Lipanovich has been steadily gaining speed over the last few TWMXRS rounds and his results this weekend showed just that! Overalls in 450A and Pro-Open were what his race day consisted of.

Julio Cesar Zambrano was on an absolute heater this weekend. Zambrano swept each moto of both classes he entered. Not to mention they were the highly contested 250B and Open(non-Pro) classes.

Ciaran Naran was by far one of the more stylish racers in attendance. Add to the fact that he has the uncanny ability to make any 2-stroke sing-whether it be his supermini or his 125-this kid is a blast to watch ride. Naran had some great battles today and some wins to go along as he swept the Supermini class and a 2-1 finish in Schoolboy gave him the overall.

Tons of fun and great racing was had at round one of Muscle Milk TWMX Summer Cup and we hope to see you all at round two, which will be held at Competitive Edge on July 13th. See you there!