Muscle Milk TWMX Winter Cup 2014 Round 6: Milestone MX

The sixth round of the Muscle Milk TWMX 2014 Winter Cup has come to a close simultaneously marking the end of the series. The final round was originally scheduled for Sunday, March 2nd, but due to some pretty extreme weather conditions the race was pushed forward one weekend. However, the track crew put in some extra time this past week to perfect the new layout they had prepared, which greeted most riders for the first time this morning. The new track design consisted of a ton of new jumps, different corners and a handfull of directional changes to completely change everything.

Although racers were greeted with a brand new track layout, that doesn’t mean it was a smooth one. The new sections held up well for the majority of the day, but eventually they did give into the 400+ racers ripping around on it.

Tons of giveaways were had at the final round and all of the cool products were courtesy of all of the great sponsors that have backed the Muscle Milk TWMXRS from the beginning.

Once the racing got underway, it was clear that some of the fastest amateurs and pros were ready for the stacked competition. Tallon Lafountaine was by far one of the more impressive racers this weekend. Lafountaine had good starts all day and his blistering speed led him to nothing but first place finishes in 250B, 450B and Schoolboy thru 17. When the pros lined up to the gate, there were a few favorites to win-Michael Leib, Aaron Siminoe and Steven Tokarski. Michael Leib, aboard his 250F, raced both Pro-Open and 450A and didn’t finish off the top step of the podium once. Leib and Tokarski had some incredible battles and the two kept it very exciting for the crowd. However, Leib and his incredible lap times was able to get the best of Tokarski, who came in as a dark horse due to his luck with injuries over the last few years.

Tallon Lafountaine put in some pretty impressive rides this weekend. Six first place finishes kept the youngster at the head of the pack all day and with commanding leads, as well.

Michael Leib was another dominant finisher at the final round with four moto wins in Pro-Open and 450A. Leib is a West Coast Supercross contender and figured some seat time was a good idea to get himself back in race mode for the final few West Coast rounds.

The racing action was second to none at the closing round of the 2014 Winter Cup and we hope to see you all at the opening round of the Spring Cup, which will be held at Perris Raceway on March, 23.