The 2013 So-Cal Fall Cup has officially come to a close, ultimately ending the Muscle Milk TWMXRS rounds for the year. The sixth and final round was held at historic Glen Helen Raceway and in muddy fashion. The days leading up to the race saw a few inches of rain, so once racing finally began on Sunday conditions weren’t exactly ideal for most racers. However, the Glen Helen track crew worked their butts off to get the racetracks in rideable condition for even the minis.

Since the day did begin as a bit of a mud race, vendor row was absolutely packed with people looking to get one step ahead of the mud. Kal-Gard Lubricants had all of the necessary oils and cleaners for aftercare from a muddy day of racing and ODI Grips had you covered in the case of a spill with new sets of grips and handlebars. Probably the busiest vendor, though, was EKS Brand Goggles. The EKS Brand brought out tons of new goggles, lens’ and tear-offs knowing ahead of time what conditions awaited racers. EKS Brand’s newest Zip-off lens’, which allow for tear-offs on top of a roll-off system, were a huge help for all racers in the sometimes blinding conditions, so being equipped with those particular lens’ was a necessity.

Kyle Lewis and the Kal-Gard race support rig were on hand at round six and was keeping racers supplied with the proper lubricants and cleaners necessary after a day of racing in the mud.

The EKS Brand Goggle fam was on deck this weekend with everything from new pairs of goggles to their newest Zip-Off lens system, which were a tremendous help for racers in the muddy conditions.

Another great thing about this weekend was the raffle giveaway of a 2014 Yamaha YZF 450. One lucky racer was chosen to take home this beautiful machine, which was generously donated by the good people a Yamaha. Little Gilbert was the lucky winner and once he realized the bike was a little too big for him he called up his dad and told him that he won a brand new bike for him. Congratulations to Gilbert and family!

Little Gilbert and his mother just minutes after being named the lucky winner of the 2014 Yamaha YZF 450.

As always, some of Southern California’s fastest amateur racers were in attendance this weekend. Sergey Astaykin was, again the man to beat this weekend. Astaykin did very well for himself at the final round of the Fall Cup by winning multiple motos in his respected Pro classes. Jovan Pulgar was another to put on a clinic on more than one occasion. Pulgar, who is a relative newcomer to the TWMXRS, has been showing tremendous speed in 250 and 450 Intermediate and Schoolboy (Thru 17 yrs) by winning multiple motos every weekend taking home several overall wins. Another one to watch was Haruki Yokoyama. Yokoyama not only dominates the 85/150F classes on the regular, but the kid can also hang with the Intermediates aboard his 150F. Yes, Yokoyama enters 250B and can hang with some of the faster Intermediates every weekend. Pretty impressive!

Haruki Yokoyama is blazing fast aboard his 150F. So fast, in fact, that he enters the Intermediate class and is able to hang with some of the fastest in that class!

Intermediate racer Jovan Pulgar was absolutely on fire this weekend. The muddy conditions didn’t seem to phase him as he raced towards several moto wins.

Sergey Astaykin was on one this weekend! The Euro notched more moto wins under his belt by staying on top of the podium several times this weekend. A definite Pro to watch for this next yearp

We hope you all enjoyed another year of the Muscle Milk TWMXRS and we hope to see you this Sunday the 15th at Glen Helen Raceway for the Muscle Milk TWMXRS Holiday Grand Prix.