With the end of the Fall Cup series vastly approaching, racers have been bringing their “A” game these last few rounds. A ton of awesome prizes on the line, which will be awarded at round six of the series, have riders stepping things up in hopes of bringing home more than just another race weekend memory. Round five of the Fall Cup was hosted at Glen Helen Raceway and the notoriously rough track did not disappoint, once again. Showers have been hitting the San Bernardino, CA based motocross track over the last day or so and upon arrival, it was clear that the day was going to be an interesting one.


Rain clouds lingered over-head all day today, but thanks to the sponsors on vendor’s row, everything needed for a rainy day of racing was at the riders disposal for the day’s racing. BTO Sports was on hand supplying racers with everything from motor oil to grips and levers. BTO Sports was even selling the very canopy that they were using to keep their products out of the rain. EKS Brand Goggles were keeping things clear for the racers, which was a crucial aspect of the day’s racing in the thick and sloppy mud. Again, the Factory Connection crew was helping racers with tech support and suspension setup, which was also of major importance because of the rough track conditions. Also, Aflac Insurance was preaching to riders the importance of an insurance policy in the case of a bad accident. Vendor’s row had everyone covered in just about every way possible, but a special thanks goes out to the staff at Glen Helen Raceway for doing a great job with the track in such treacherous conditions.


BTO Sports was supplying riders with the bike goods just in case the muddy conditions got the best of them.

It’s safe to say that racing in the mud can really separate the good riders from the better riders, but when the mud turned into rough and deep ruts, which were littered everywhere, the really talented racers were able to shine. Amongst some of the day’s fastest was Colton Aeck who made it look like just another practice day in the soupy conditions. Aeck would walk away with a few moto wins in his respected Pro motos. Another rider making everything look easy was Max Sisco. Good starts were key in the mud and Sisco started his day off on a good note by getting a holeshot and a moto win for his first race of the day and continued that momentum into the rest of his motos. Another top guy was Honda rider Wesley Parker. Parker was a moto winner on more than one occasion in his respected Open(non-pro) and 450B class motos. Although Parker suffered from a little bobble in the mud, he was able to rebound and make it another good day of racing.

Just a few laps into his first moto, Colton Aeck had to clear his vision by ripping his goggles off. But, it would take more than muddy eyes to stop Aeck as he would finish this moto off with a win.


Max Sisco made things easy for himself this moto by taking the holeshot and the moto win. Sisco had great speed throughout the day and he really made riding in those conditions look easy.

Wesley Parker was amongst the few to make racing in the mud look incredibly easy. Parker was the top contender in Open non-pro and 450B.

Unfortunately for everybody, the sixth and final round of the Fall Cup series had to be cancelled due to weather conditions, but stay tuned to TWMX.com for a rescheduled date of round six. We hope to see you at the final race of 2012 for the Muscle Milk/ TWMX Race Series tour. Check out the photos below for some of round five’s action in the mud.