Round two of the Muscle Milk/TWMX Winter Cup was hosted at Anza, California’s Cahuilla Creek MX Park. Prior Cahuilla Creek rounds of this race series have always delivered incredibly rough tracks and in some cases, the rough edges show up even before practice has ended. Well, this weekend’s races were no different in that riders were heading back to their respected pit area after practice to dial in a stiffer fork setup to better prepare for the upcoming motos.

Like every other Muscle Milk/TWMXRS round, vendor’s row was, again, the resourceful supplier of everything needed by racers and spectators alike. Wahoo’s Tacos was kind enough to show up just in time for lunch and hooked up everybody with some killer food. Kal-Gard Lubricants was on hand keeping everyone’s bikes running smoothly and, again, Rich Taylor and the EKS Brand Goggle crew made sure all of the racers had a clear view of the rough, rutted track. One Industries was raffling off some cool products and Etnies had everyone covered with their big selection of free stickers. Yamaha also made their impression felt with a serious line-up of their YZ race bikes with some cool trick parts.

Kyle Lewis brought out the Kal-Gard Lubricants rig to make sure everyone was treating their bikes to some Kal-Gard products.

Yamaha brought out a few race bikes to put out on display this weekend and for some extra eye-candy, they had this factory style pipe on a YZ 85.

Once everyone had their race lines dialed from practice, it was time to get to the day’s mission at hand. A ton of house-hold named amateurs decided to hit this weekend’s round, which was a real treat for spectators and our cameras. In the pro classes, Tyler Enticknap and Chris Alldridge were the top dogs leading the rest of the pack with quite a large gap. In the Intermediate and schoolboy motos, there were a number of guys that had the potential of taking home the overall. Just to name a few, Cole Barbeiri, Tallon Lafountaine, Dylan Merriam, Axel Hodges and Justin Hoeft were among some of the definite rippers.

Cole Barbeiri was one of the leaders of his respected Intermediate classes. He definitely had the throttle wide open this weekend.

Tallon Lafountaine was one of the most consistent riders of the day.

Tyler Enticknap was the leader of the 450A motos. Here, Tyler skies over a jump leading the rest of the pack.

Another great weekend of racing is in the books and we hope to see you at the next round, which will be held at Glen Helen Raceway on Sunday February 3rd. For more of this weekend’s action, check out the photos below.