Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Winter Cup Round 6: Competitive Edge

The Muscle Milk TWMX Winter Cup has finally come to an end. The six round series is in the books, but it was definitely one to remember. As always, we visited some of the best tracks So.Cal. has to offer and round six was no different. Being that the final two rounds of the Winter Cup was a double-header, we found it suitable to keep to the tradition and head up to Competitive Edge MX Park to see what the high desert track had in store for racers.

Comp. Edge is your typical outdoor style motocross track and it certainly delivers as a true MX track. Complete with rough, whooped straights and deep ruts, CEMX is always testing racers to their full knowledge of how to ride fast, rough lines. Riders like Brad Walker, Viktor Bjorklund and Cody Gibson were among the few who were able to navigate the treacherous obstacles that laid before them in their respected classes and they were each awarded moto victories for their efforts.

Brad Walker was the top dog in 250 Intermediate class.

Viktor Bjorklund was the man to beat in his respected Pro classes. Bjorklund got the early lead and checked out during this Pro-Open moto.

Cody Gibson, 450 Novice winner, airs out the massive quad jump on his way to a moto 1 victory.

Being that round six marked the end of the Winter Cup Race Series, that only meant one thing-prizes and giveaways. The Muscle Milk/TWMXRS has an incredible lineup of sponsors and they were all generous enough to give out some of their products for riders that raced at least five of the six rounds and finished in the top percentile of their class. The top riders in each class were able to choose from products such as Leatt-Brace chestprotectors, EKS Brand goggles, ODI CFT handlebars, bike-stands, gas cans, hats and shirts, Kal-Gard and Yamaha lubricants and Works Connection tie-downs.

Muscle Milk was a major supplier of the of the giveaways for the top percentile of riders for each class.

Bike stands and gas cans were also among some of the many giveaway prizes.

Some of the Winter Cup race series sponsors such as ODI Grips, Etnies, Leatt-Brace, Yamaha and EKS Brand Goggles filled vendor row for this weekend’s double header rounds. ODI was displaying and selling their revolutionary CFT handlebars, while the Leatt-Brace booth was doing what they do best-protecting our necks and upper body. Rich Taylor and the EKS Brand goggle family were supplying everybody with new goggles and tear-offs, while Etnies and Yamaha had on display some of their new products for 2013.

For the upcoming Spring Cup series, which will be six rounds total, So-Cal and Nor-Cal will each get their own three rounds to compete in the Muscle Milk/TWMXRS. For a complete schedule, head over to and check out the calendar.