MX Chaplain Needs Our Help

When word got out Saturday evening after the U.S. Open of Supercross that the race might be one of the last for “Chappy” Steve Hudson of Motor Racing Outreach due to the financial burden of traveling to every event, some key members of the industry decided to get together to help raise some much-needed cash to help keep Hudson coming to the races.

“We are in a situation where the money just isn’t there, and Motor Racing Outreach is seriously considering cutting back my duties at the motocross races, and moving me over into NASCAR,” explained Hudson, who provides prayer services, fellowship and support on many levels to the pro motocross and supercross community. “Continuity in our community is where it’s at, and I really want to continue my ministry. I came to give a message, and I want to continue building my relationships in supercross and motocross every weekend. I’m a minister, not a businessman. I’m good with people and God’s words, but I’m terrible with organization and finances.”

One Industries Danny Dobey and friends got the ball rolling Saturday evening, collecting pledges from companies as diverse as American Honda and Parts Unlimited, Asterisk and Tag Metals, Racer X and Transworld MX.

If you want to help Steve Hudson and Motor Racing Outreach, please make a small financial contribution to the ministry.

“Supercross/motocross” should scratched all over the check so it doesn’t go into a general fund. Make checks payable to “Motor Racing Outreach” and write “Supercross/motocross” on the memo line.

Please send your check to:

Motor Racing Outreach
Smith Tower, Suite 405
5555 Concord Parkway
South Concord, NC 28027