MX Clean Commercial

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Do you ever look at the pros bikes and wish yours could be that clean? Do you ever get home from riding and wish you could just sit down and relax? Now you can! Sean Bailey, the son of David Bailey, and a buddy have started a “motocross detailing service. MX Clean will come to your house and wash your bikes with the best cleaners and attention to detail, just like the factory mechanics, “and best of all, you get a clean filter with every wash!

*Pressure wash with cleaners
*Chain cleaned and lubed
*Silicone plastic shine
*Air filter cleaned and oiled

*Includes amateur wash features plus;
*Pressure wash with plastic and seat off
*Check spokes
*Lube clutch cable
*Clean, lube and adjust chain
*Bleed brakes and forks

Call MX Clean today! 951 375-6480