MXers Helping Hurricane Victims Shipping Locations Announced

Well, as we all know, they are still rescuing people down south whose lives are going to be completely upside-down for a while. Engine Ice, ProClean1000 and StrictlyMX are joining forces to try to help these people. We are organizing a donation of clothing we would like to send to the Red Cross or a similar organization. They are calling for all essentials, and we all know that clothes (T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) are on the top of the list!

Below are the shipping/staging locations for this clothing effort for the Katrina Victims:

Please ask that only nice stuff be sent, please do not send rags. Not trying to ungrateful, but sending stuff that is stained or ripped isn¿t very nice.

Children¿s toys will also be appreciated.

One other thing that would be nice is if folks went to their local $1 store and picked up some coloring books, markers, crayons or small toys to give to kids.

We also encourage cash donations to the Red Cross as well as blood donations.

Delivery of these items will be within the next 10 days, so please ship out as soon as possible.

Alexandria/Pineville Travel Agency/Katrina Relief (take your pick)

1268 Dorchester Drive
Alexandria, LA 71303.

ProClean1000/Katrina Relief
5005 Washington Ave.
Houston, TX 77007


Jamie Bateman
(513) 460-1222