New Sponsorship Connection

Woodstock, IL. EnciteGroup has begun introducing some of the much anticipated updates to the website including previews of the new Sponsorship Connection module.

Upon visiting the new site you will encounter a new look and feel that is similar to it’s sister site However, that is where the similarities end. MxResultz is still all business and is still focused on being the ultimate tool in managing the “business of putting together a successful racing effort. “With the addition of Sponsorship Connection and other new tools to promote riders and generate support outside of the industry we are confident we are going to provide a product that genuinely helps move our sport forward says Jim Edwards, newly appointed Vice President of EnciteGroup. “We are focusing now on partnering with some of the industry’s top sponsors to see if we can put together amateur sponsorship programs that insure both the sponsor and the athletes are able to win. adds Edwards.

MxResultz will begin loading sponsor profiles this week to give their existing 27,000 members and subscribers an opportunity to see who will be involved in the program, and intends to allow members to begin making sponsorship requests when the balance of the module is installed in June. Sponsors interested in becoming involved can contact Edwards at:

The preview for Sponsorship Connection can be viewed at:

About EnciteGroup Development:
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