to introduce Sponsorship Connection in April ’07

More than just another mx-website, at mxresultz we have set out to become the ultimate tool in managing all aspects of amature racing careers. From marketing and promotion, obtaining support both inside and outside of the industry, to actually offering custom e-commerce stores in which riders can offer customized products to their fans, MxResultz will give riders of all ages the tools to be able to take it to the next level in a sport that gets more expensive to remain competitive in everyday….and learn practical lessons in business that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Just some of the new features:
Sponsorship Connectiontm
– Connect with sponsors on the site offering deep discounts and free product for mxr members who actively promote their brand.

Customized Marketing Tools
– Use RaceRewardz to get your hands on the goods you need to promote yourself. From custom MXResultz bike graphics to business cards and even autograph slicks, we give you what you need to keep your name out there so sponsors are seeing you.

Improved Rider and Sponsor profiles — Mxresultz profiles will now act as your racing resume and allow you to include more information about your career, add custom photos for each event, link to your profile and more.

Browse and Search features
— Browse and search riders and sponsors. Message them direct from their profiles.

Enhanced Donation features — MxResultz has helped riders all over the country raise thousands of dollars outside of the motocross industry and is now focusing on improving the tools our memberz use for fund raising. Riders can offer incentives to contributors who donate over certain amounts such as t-shirts, stickers, plaques, etc. Contributors can download pictures and leave comments on a rider’s profile. RaceRewardz can be used to purchase MxResultz products or transferred to your MxResultz Debit Card for use anywhere that accepts Visa/Mastercard.

Custom Superfantm Stores — That’s right, you will have your own e-commerce store in which you can offer customized shirts, hats, stickers, cups, you name it. All with MxResultz and featuring you! You pick the products to offer in your store, you set the mark up, you keep 100% of the profits!

Local MxResultz Coaches
— MxResultz will have coaches across the country working with mxr memberz trackside and online to review resultz and give advice on how to market your self and obtain support.

While MxResultz will be packed with new features, you will find a very simple interface that anyone can use. MxResultz will remain committed to being a tool very specifically for managing the business end of a motocross career and not get overcomplicated by attempting to evolve into a social community. Log-on, do your mx business and then move on. MyMotoSpace will continue to be available as a social network where riders hang out after they finish their mx business and riders will have the option of linking the two accounts.

Any questions about MxResultz2.0 should be directed to Dennis Riley at

About Sponsorship Connection: The MxResultz Sponsorship Connection is a no-cost alternative for Sponsors to obtain additional riders to sponsor and currently has a network of over 16,000 active amature motocross racers. Sponsors interested in being involved in Sponsorship Connection contact or call 815-739-3994.