Formally Launches This Weekend!

Woodstock, IL — Encite Development Group, Inc. will formally launch moto-website Friday Dec. 1st as the ultimate web-based moto-community after a surprisingly successful low key pre-release to a “few select friends. Just 10 days into the pre-release the site has received 53,000 visits and over 2.7 million page views.

MyMotoSpace is the ultimate complement to its sister site, released in June of this year. You do your “race business on MXResultz and then hang out at MyMotoSpace. Packed with all the features the “Bubba Scrub generation craves such as html profile design, IM, video downloading, music, messaging, and of course, a direct link to display their MxResultz. Combined, MxResultz and MyMotoSpace become the ultimate interface between racers, supporters, sponsors, and friends and share over 15,000 members and subscribers.

MyMotoSpace is the “place for racers” of extreme motosports around the world including motocross, supercross, snocross, ATV, roadracing, and off-road alike.

“It is apparent by the response we have had that this is really something the entire moto community has been looking for. While they have been able to get bits and pieces here and there, this is the first web platform that has been able to pull it all together. EnciteGroup’s Dennis Riley says. “This is a tight community that is looking for a place to call its own…MyMotoSpace gives them that place.

For inquiries regarding both MyMotoSpace and MxResultz contact the mxagent at or call 815-345-4285.