n-TEK Lubricants Debuts In The U.S. Motorcycle Market

Nanotech Fuel Corporation of San Pedro, California, the parent company of the n-TEK brand, has launched their new line of 2 Stroke Nanotechnology based tri-ester synthetic motorcycle racing lubricant. n-TEK will soon be available at Distribution and Dealership networks all over the United States. Nanotech is spearheaded by Chris Agajanian, the President and CEO who oversees a team of engineers and scientists who speak only one language: Make Horsepower and increase engine life while going fast and winning races!

Chris has engaged the services of Steve Schaeffer as National Sales and Marketing Representative to sell and promote the n-TEK Brand. Steve has been involved in the Motorcycle Lubricant Industry for over 20 years with PJ1. He is well known by Distributors and Dealers nationwide.  With his many years of experience in the Amateur and Professional Motorsports field, Steve will be a great asset to our company’s sales effort, says Agajanian.

Motorsports enthusiasts should recognize the Agajanian name. Chris is the youngest son of Indy car race legend J.C. Agajanian and a member of the family that owned and operated the world famous Ascot Raceway in Los Angeles for many years. Chris expanded his attention beyond race promotions to set a new standard in 2 stroke lubrication and raise the bar by developing a patented emissions reduction formula designed to save the 2 stroke industry.

Look for this new product soon at your local dealerships. The companys motto says it all: An enviro-conscious product for todays race winners.

For Distributor, Dealer and Consumer inquiries please call 1-800-771-2147.