NaPalm Racing Launches New Website

NaPalm Racing is pleased to announce the launch of their 2005 website. NaPalm Racing is a new company, and their first product just hit the market at the end of 2004. The new website features NaPalm Racing’s “No Hassle Air Filter Mounting Bolt. This is currently the only product featured on the website, but motocross enthusiasts should keep an eye on for a few more products that should be available by June of this year.

NaPalm racing sells “Luxury Off Road Motorcycle Accessories & Tools. The No Hassle Air Filter Mounting Bolt is definitely a Luxury item. It takes the hassles out of getting your air filter in and out of your bike. The round, low profile head is a breeze to operate compared to the stock “Wing Bolt style head, and the end of the mount features a thread alignment tip to get your thread effortlessly started in the air box. The mount is CNC Machined from 6000 series aluminum, making it a lightweight one piece unit with no separate sealing washer to deal with.

All NaPalm Racing products are made with pride in the UNITED STATES!!!

More products set for release later this year from NaPalm Racing promise to be new and unique concepts to the industry, just as their No Hassle Air Filter Mounting Bolt has been.

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