Nate Adams Conquers Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (October 18, 2004) – Vans Freestyle Motocross Nationals landed in Jacksonville, Florida for the first time with an unprecedented amount of talent in the Freestyle Motocross world. The weekend started off to a rough start with the track conditions being a little too sandy for the riders liking. To make up for the lack of traction in the loose, Florida sand, the track crew prepped the approaches using plywood and carpet to give the riders enough traction to hit the big jumps for the Jacksonville fans.

First round, five riders qualified for the finals- Nate Adams, Beau Bamburg, Kenny ‘the Cowboy’ Bartram, Jeremy Stenberg, and Jim McNeil. In the last chance qualifier, Drake McElroy, Dustin Miller, and Billy Walls rounded out the eight riders making it to the finals. Miller the second rider out in the finals, took over the hot seat with a highly technical run filled with several trick combinations. Miller sat in the hot seat through the next three riders, until the Cowboy dominated the track with a clean run, which included a one handed backflip. Bartram was able to keep his seat as an under-the-weather Bamburg received a score of 80. The last rider up Friday evening was Nate Adams, who was coming off of a recent injury, which prevented him from competing in the first stop of the Vans Triple Crown Series in Phoenix, Arizona. Adams didn’t look any worse for the wear as he managed to knock the Cowboy out of the hot seat with a score of 93.8.

The hot seat didn’t stay warm for too long on Saturday night with each rider stepping it up one after the other. One right after the other, the hot seat rotated after each run. Bartram was able to warm up the hot seat through Jim McNeil’s run that earned a score of 91.5- not enough to move the Cowboy. Jeremy ‘Twitch’ Stenberg was back with a vengeance after his low score on Friday night. His run was riddled with backflip combinations, such as a nac-nac heel-clicker, one-handed to one-handed lander, and a can-can to side-saddle lander. Twitch knocked the Cowboy from the hot seat and was just about to get comfortable until Nate Adams stepped up to ride. With Nate’s always smooth style mixed in with big tricks, he managed to pull ahead of the competition with a score of 94.7.

Friday’s Vans Triple Crown Results

  1. Nate Adams 93.8
  2. Kenny Bartram 93.4
  3. Dustin Miller 93.1

Saturday’s Vans Triple Crown Results

  1. Nate Adams 94.7
  2. Jeremy Stenberg 94.6
  3. Kenny Bartram 94.0

The final stop of the Vans Triple Crown Series lands in:

December 3-4 Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Arena

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