Nathan Ramsey And The CRF250R!

TransWorld Motocross caught wind of a rumor that Factory Honda’s Nathan Ramsey will be showing up at Anaheim 1 aboard the potent new CRF250R to compete in the 125 West. So excited were we to hear about Nathan’s fresh start after a long hard season of injury and recovery, we phoned up the likeable So Cal resident to get the scoop and confirm what we’d heard. Here’s what Nate Dogg had to say…

TransWorld Motocross: Nate, we heard that you plan to compete in 2004 aboard Honda’s new CRF250R. Is this true?

Nathan Ramsey: Yeah… it is true. I’ll be riding the new 250 four-stroke in the 125 West.

TWMX: What led to the decision to jump down to the 125cc class for ’04?

NR: Well, Honda started thinking about it first. They’d really like to make a strong push on the new CRF250R to give it a positive response. Because of my experience both in the 125 class and on four-strokes, I was a pretty logical choice. They presented the idea to me a few weeks ago to see how I felt about it, and I was cool with it. With the hard year I am coming off, hopefully I’ll be able to regain some confidence and put in some good rides on the bike. I’d really like to win some races on it, and use it build and regain some form. I’ve never pointed out of the 125 class, so it really makes sense for all of us right now.

TWMX: How do you like the bike so far? Have you had the chance to ride it on the Honda Supercross track?

NR: No, I actually haven’t ridden it on Supercross yet. With the U.S. Open coming up when we made the decision, I really wanted to put the time in on my 450 before making the switch. I have had it out on a regular track though, and I really like it. It’s light and nimble, and I can ride it much more aggressively than the 450. The 450s have so much power that you really have to respect them or they could bite you. Right now the 250 four-stroke feels comfortable, it handles good, and I really feel like I can pin it. Sort of back to my old style…

TWMX: Having already won a 125cc Supercross title, do you think you’ll be able to use that to your advantage and carry some confidence into Anaheim?

NR: Well, that’s the plan right now, but I am certainly not underestimating my competition. There will be a lot of fast guys in the class and I know it’s not going to be easy. I have respect for everybody in the class.

TWMX: Bubba has announced that he will be riding in the 125 East aboard a KX250F. A lot of teams have been re-strategizing since that news broke. Is this something that you and Honda have discussed?

NR: Actually, I didn’t hear that news until over the weekend in Vegas, but that was the first thing that came to mind. I definitely have to think that the 125 West will certainly be the stronger of the two coasts for sure.

TWMX: Thanks a lot for your time Nate. We wish you the best of luck on your return to the 125 class.

NR: No problem… Thank you guys.