Near Sellout Crowd Witnesses Final Night of the Inaugural BooKoo Arenacross Series in Tulsa!

Demuth Secures the 250 Championship Title – His Third Title This Season!

Tulsa, OK    February 11, 2006    — Mike Kidd Entertainment Group — concluded the inaugural season of the K&N presents BooKoo Arenacross Championsip Series Brought to you by Toyota in the Tulsa Convention Center Arena where the final round of racing was held this weekend.        

Josh Demuth withstood a season full of setbacks to win the BooKoo Championship Title on Friday night in Tulsa.  Demuth rode his Team Babbitt’s Enxus Oil Kawasaki to a fifth place finish in the 450 Main Event and eleventh in the 250 Main to score enough points to lock up both the overall championship as well as the 450 championship.

There were still battles to be fought however as the 250 title was yet to be determined, the Dash for Cash championship was still up for grabs and the jockeying for second place between Shane Bess on his Fun Center TLD/PPG Suzuki and Tom Hofmaster on the Sano Systems PPG Motion Yamaha had carried over into the final race of the season.

 The packed house was on their feet as the 250 Main Event left the line, featuring more of the intense in-your-face racing that has become a staple of the BooKoo series.  The championship was yet to be determined and it was all on the line tonight.

Michael and Chris Blose led the field and set the pace early on with Shane Bess on the Fun Center TLD/PPG Suzuki riding close in third.  Hofmaster was caught up in trouble in the first turn and was pushed back to the middle of the pack.

The Blose brothers put their GPS Racing/Storm Lake Hondas to the test as they rode their way into the BooKoo record books as the first brothers to share a podium together – finishing first and third on the night. 

 Bess would hold on to second after making his way past Chris Blose and would secure second place in the 250 championship points race behind Josh Demuth, who finished sixth which was enough to secure the championship.  Making this Demuth’s third points race to end up on top of in the inaugural year for the BooKoo series.

The 450’s launched from the line with chaos in the first turn and Bess making his way through to the front.  Sharp Racing’s Travis Bannister was holding down second place early on with Hofmaster in third.

The race order remained the same as the field approached the halfway point as the riders settled into their positions.  Josh Woods made a hard charge back from the first turn chaos to pass Hofmaster.

In the end, ‘Sugar’ Shane Bess would make one last statement to the competition that he was out for the win and looking to lock up second place in the championship points race.  Bannister made a great run and put the Sharp Racing Honda in the second spot on the podium, his second of the year.  Woods would end up the night with third as he powered his Fun Center Suzuki back to the front.

Damien Plotts  put his Babbitt’s Enxus Oil Kawasaki in front of the rest of the field in the Dash for Cash to take home the big money Saturday night but BooKoo Energy Honda’s Tiger Lacey managed to end up on top in the lucrative points chase and took home the $7500 year-end bonus for his efforts.

Cedar Mountain Motocross paid an extra $500 to the holeshot winner, Shane Bess, in the 450 Main.  Cedar Mountain is the local go-to place for riding in Oklahoma and was a great gesture.

250 Main:

  1. Michael Blose HON
  2. Shane Bess SUZ
  3. Chris Blose YAM
  4. Josh Woods SUZ
  5. Brad Hagseth SUZ
  6. Josh Demuth KAW
  7. Riley Kurosky HON
  8. Kurt McCabe HON
  9. Tom Hofmaster YAM
  10. Brad Ripple KAW
  11. Travis Bannister HON
  12. Colt Humphrey YAM
  13. Brad Modjewski HON
  14. Johhny Marley HON
  15. Tiger Lacey HON
  16. Damien Plotts KAW 

 450 Main:

  1. Shane Bess SUZ
  2. Travis Bannister HON
  3. Josh Woods SUZ
  4. Tom Hofmaster YAM
  5. Tigerr Lacey HON
  6. Brad Hagseth SUZ
  7. Brad Modjewski HON
  8. Brad Ripple KAW
  9. Riley Kurosky HON
  10. Colt Humphrey YAM
  11. Kurt McCabe HON
  12. Brady Sharp HON
  13. Mark Graddy SUZ
  14. John Dehn HON
  15. Damien Plotts KAW

BooKoo Championship Points

  1. Josh Demuth 649
  2. Shane Bess 629
  3. Tom Hofmaster 596
  4. Damien Plotts 517
  5. Josh Woods 500
  6. Tiger Lacey 491
  7. Brad Ripple 436
  8. Colt Humphrey 398
  9. Riley Kurosky 316
  10. Brad Modjewski 284
  11. Casey Hinson 264
  12. Brad Hagseth 239
  13. Kurt McCabe 226
  14. Travis Bannister 204
  15. Michael Blose 173

250 Standings:

  1. Josh Demuth 326
  2. Shane Bess 316
  3. Tom Hofmaster 306
  4. Brad Ripple 250
  5. Josh Woods 241
  6. Damien Plotts 230
  7. Tiger Lacey 210
  8. Colt Humphrey 206
  9. Michael Blose 173
  10. Riley Kurosky 168
  11. Brad Modjewski 119
  12. Brad Hagseth 114
  13. Casey Hinson 105
  14. Kurt McCabe 93
  15. Jeff Willoh 92

450 Standings:

  1. Josh Demuth 323
  2. Shane Bess 313
  3. Tom Hofmaster 290
  4. Damien Plotts 287
  5. Tiger Lacey 281
  6. Josh Woods 259
  7. Colt Humphrey 192
  8. Brad Ripple 186
  9. Brad Modjewski 165
  10. Casey Hinson 159
  11. Travis Bannister 149
  12. Riley Kurosky 148
  13. Kurt McCabe 133
  14. Brad Hagseth 125
  15. Brady Sharp 79