Never Lose Your Drink with Etch-It Cups

Ever lose track of your drink?
Partygoers don’t need to worry about misplacing drinks or spreading germs any longer — Etch-it Cups are here to save the day. (Or should we say, save the drink!)

Etch-it cups are fun and simple to use. Simply etch your name or a cool design with a fingernail and instantly every cup becomes an individual masterpiece. The etch-able material is specially formulated. It absolutely will not smear, stick or stain , even when wet!

Party hosts who use Etch-it Cups find they save time and money with fewer abandoned drinks, and partiers are entertained by etching pictures or catchy slogans such as “Hi, I’m Fast and Single on the cups.

Available in 2 colors – RED and FROST , Etch-it Cups are packaged 32 cups per sleeve and cost around 15 – 25 cents a piece which equates to $4.99 -$7.99 per package depending on where you shop.

Media Exposure
Recent media exposure ranging from the The Big Idea W/ Donny Deutsch to Rachael Ray has dramatically increased the demand, and sales keep growing every month as more people become “Etch-U-Cated about the brand.

Since etch-it cups prevent the spread of germs the product may save some ones life. With millions of Etch-it Cups in use, someone’s life may have already been saved. One thing for sure — a lot of lost margaritas have been rescued

If you would like more information about Etch-it cups, or to schedule an interview with creator Michael Marrin, please call (949) 425-0799 or e-mail Michael