New Flak Jak LT Chest Protector Designed to be Used With the Leatt-Brace

The world’s first chest protector designed to be worn with the Leatt-Brace.

The current chest protectors on the market just don’t work with the Leatt-Brace. Extending straps, cutting and hacking existing protectors is ridiculous and flat out unsafe.

We designed the new Flak Jak LT to work with the Leatt-Brace. It fits around the brace and will not interfere with the brace or the rider’s mobility and comfort.

We have utilized all the Flak Jak Technology and added an all-new E-Leat Latch System (patent pending), which allows the chest protector to be placed on the rider after the Leatt-Brace has been correctly positioned on the rider.

Flak Jak technology utilized: Nytrolyte padding, suspended netted shoulders, crystal clear Lexan anatomical panels with HRP’s exclusive Impact Management System (IMS) that utilizes the management of air to disperse the energy of impact, and a full range of sizes to assure proper fit.

Sizes & pricing: Peewee, Youth, Adult-Medium, and Large at $119.99. X-large at $129.99

Optional rib guard protection is available for only $20.00 more.

For more information Contact:
HRP SPORTS, PO Box 190, Somersworth, NH 03878
Toll Free 1-800-352-5525 Fax: (603) 332-3766

The Leatt-Brace is a trademark of Leatt Corporation, Inc.