New Helmet Camera Hits Stores

Seattle, WA — October 22, 2006 — The Holiday Season is arriving early as Twenty20’s new high-resolution 2007 Helmet Camera is expected to hit dealers this week. When you sit down to write that letter to Santa, Twenty20 would like to remind you of its ultimate stocking stuffer, so instead of getting socks, tell Santa to head to your local dealer and check out the new ’07 Helmet Camera.

Twenty20 has partnered with OmniVisionTM, the world’s leading manufacturer of CMOS camera chips, to release the first high-resolution CMOS Helmet Camera. The new Twenty20 camera, with its revolutionary CMOS image sensor, delivers a vivid, rich, and fast paced video. The release of the ’07 camera will allow Twenty20 to rival CCD Helmet Cameras in quality, while maintaining advantages in size (3 x 1), weight (4oz.), battery life (20hrs.), durability (1yr. warranty), availability (your local dealer) and price ($249.99). Listed below are some of the most notable improvements:

New Product: 480 Scan Lines (VGA Quality)
Old Product: 380 Scan Lines

Min. Illumination:
New Product: <.01 Lux (Day and Night video)
Old Product: <5 Lux (Daytime only)

Temperature Range:
New Product: -40C degrees to +105C degrees
Old Product: -20C degrees to +55C degrees

Want more? Check out to find a library of information about improvements to the new product.

But wait there’s more! The holiday season isn’t over for all the current Twenty20 camera owners either. Rather than leaving the current Twenty20 faithful high and dry, the company has decided to offer a direct exchange program to help existing customers upgrade to the 2007 model. Customers are advised to contact Twenty20 directly (866-397-6920) before mailing in their current model, proof of purchase, and $50 to be upgraded to the 2007 model. Keep in mind the difference in price may be greater than $50 if your product is not in working condition.

The 2007 Twenty20 Helmet Camera ($249.99 MSRP) is only available through your local dealer so contact Twenty20 (866-397-6920) or visit their website, to find your local shop.