New KTM XC/SX Rubber Mounted and Side Pinch Triple Clamp

Laguna Hills, California, 1/12/2007 — BRP releases it’s new adjustable offset “AO KTM top triple clamp with rubber mounted bar mounts and side pinch style fork clamping. BRP’s AO triple clamp offers 3 distinct benefits over the factory KTM adjustable offset triple clamp while maintaining the benefit of adjustable offsets.

  1. Rubber mounted bar mounts that help reduce vibration and help isolate the bars from jarring impacts
  2. Side pinch fork clamping allowing the use of triple clamp style handguard mounts
  3. SUB Mount capability that offers both a 25 mm taller bar mount height and the ability to run a bar pad

BRP’s AO triple clamp is available with either “conventional bar mount or SUB Mount style bar mounts. The conventional bar mount setup can be configured in 2 different bar positions; position 2 or 3, the SUB Mount system is only offered in the most popular… position 3 on the stock triple clamp.

BRP’s new AO triple clamp is available directly from BRP or one of our nation wide dealers.

  • Pricing: $179.95 Conventional bar mounts with Moto Bar Clamps
  • Pricing: $ 219.95 Conventional bar mounts with Scotts Bar Clamp
  • Pricing: $ 249.95 SUB Mounted Clamp only

BRP, with its over 10 years experience in setting up off road motorcycles is the leading source of knowledge when it comes to triple clamps, controls and stabilizer applications. Our full line of aftermarket controls, guards, and accessories are the first choice of many top off road, motocross, supermoto teams, riders and enthusiast for their winning package.

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