New Motocross Track in Stillwater, Oklahoma

Grand Opening Date: 5-11-07
Gates Open: 7pm

Stillwater, OK — (May 4th, 2007) — KC Andrews has finally finished what once seemed to be ‘mission impossible’. If during your travels you have ever spent time in Oklahoma, you are well aware that Oklahoma is frequented by a dry, windy environment, menacing heat, and little to no rain during the summer months. To accomplish creating a successful motocross track, the first task became devising a manner to address two very important issues: WATER and TOLERABLE RIDING TEMPERATURES. Water is needed to control the dust and dry, sweeping winds; tolerable riding temperatures are essential to bring in the clientele and entertainment!

KC Andrews designed a plan that would address these needs, albeit with the investment of time, hard work, and, of course, money. The motocross facility actually officially opened its doors about 5 years ago and currently offers three separate tracks to ride on, with more additions to be added in the future. . The newest track, facing to the North, has received much attention over the past year. KC realized if this track was going to thrive, he had to build the track around the large pond, located to the East. This allowed him access to a great water supply, and he could then construct an above ground watering system. The watering system runs on a pump system much like one you would see at a large motocross event, such as “Millville. Finally, after a full year of non-stop work, the water system is installed and running.

Now, what do you do about that one hundred and ten degree weather in June, July & August? It’s nearly impossible to hold a race in those temperatures and it be at all enjoyable. KC had realized over the past few years that after sunset, the wind and heat are no longer an issue. With that in mind, he decided to do the unthinkable and light the entire track with STADIUM LIGHTS. The lights became a monster in itself; however, in the end, with a lot of teamwork and dedication, the track is coming up on its very first GRAND OPENING for the “Night Track.

Please come out to our track and enjoy some night riding on our new “Stadium Lit Track!

We will have the KICKER Show Rig, Marshalls Racing from Dunlop, Yamaha of Stillwater, and many other sponsors available at our event. We, at AREA51MX, would like to say thank you to all the sponsors that have helped us along the way to complete this goal and look forward to some GREAT racing in our future!

For more information, please contact us at:
Area51MX Motocross Park
Owner: KC Andrews
Marketing: Brett Moore

Office: 405-413-5543