New Names on the Podium at Round 8 of Australian Nokia MX Nationals at Wonthaggi

With riders and spectators braced for drenching rain, sterling weather conditions provided a welcome break in tradition at Wonthaggi Motocross track for Round 8 of the Nokia MX Nationals today.

Taking full advantage of the combined conditions of weather and superb track preparation, was Kiwi Cody Cooper of No Fear Honda who took 1st overall in the Pro-Open Class on the day. Cheyne Boyd of CDR/Nokia Yamaha took 2nd place and series leader Dan Reardon of Kawasaki placed 3rd .

Cody Cooper rode both Motos with a knee injury which he said did not actually effect his performance. “I only felt my knee once during Moto 1. Reardon went hard at the start but it felt like he slowed down a little after that. I felt great during the race; this is probably the fittest I’ve felt all year. I’ve been working with Dave Borlase which I think has really helped me get on the right track.

Nokia Pro-Open Class

In premier class, series leader Daniel Reardon stole the holeshot in Moto 1 but ran into trouble in lap 13 when he came off at the bottom of a jump. Reardon was straight back on the bike despite looking dazed and by the end of the Moto was back to 3rd. Cody Cooper was in fine form, never letting Reardon draw more than 2 to 5 seconds in front and taking full advantage of Reardon’s mishap at lap 13. Cooper pulled away to take 1st in Moto 1, followed by CDR/Nokia Yamaha’s Cheyne Boyd who made an awesome comeback after three months off injured. Reardon crossed the line in 3rd.

Moto 2 was dominated by the same three riders but this time Reardon made no mistakes and led from start to finish, followed by Cody Cooper in 2nd and Cheyne Boyd in 3rd.

Brett Whale, Kawasaki Team Manager said, “Reardon’s crash in the first Moto may have been a result of the flu that he was battling. The crash knocked him around but he will come back hard for Moto 2.

Reardon was quick not to use his flu as an excuse for any average performance, but conceded that he didn’t feel himself. “I took quite a hit to the head when I crashed in Moto 1 as I didn’t have time to put my hands out and crashed head first. I also broke my knee brace in the same crash. I just dealt with the flu the best I could and tried to find some good lines. I rode much more smoothly in the second Moto than in the first.

Pip Harrison, Team Manager of No Fear Honda, was proud of all three of his riders. “Cody rode really well today. He injured his knee earlier so we were just hoping he did his best. I’m also very happy with Kade Mosig’s performance and (defending champion) Craig Anderson rode extremely well, especially considering this was his comeback round.

Having had three months off due to a broken ankle, Cheyne Boyd was very happy with his performance. “I felt great for most of the race. I came around the first corner directly behind Reardon but I could really feel the intensity of the first few laps — that’s just not something you can emulate in practice. I had a bit of trouble with my bike set up but settled into a good pace. I struggled with some of the hard, square edge sections due to my race fitness but I’m looking forward to quickly improving on that. As for his ankle, “it felt fine. I didn’t think about it, he said.

Honda Pro-Lites Class

Moto 1 was dominated by series leader Jake Moss of Serco Yamaha until lap 9 when a mechanical problem caused a breakdown leaving him sidelined and frustrated as he was forced to withdraw from the race. Having tailed Moss for the entire race, 2nd placed Kawasaki rider Mitch Hoad flew past Moss to take 1st position which he held until the end. Kiwi rider Michael Phillips on his Yamaha battled Todd Waters, Kyle Tobin and Adam Monea to take 2nd, and a 3rd from U/19 star Brendan Harrison valated Serco Yamaha’s decision to promote the youngster to the Pro-Lites Class for this round.

In Moto 2, Danny Anderson of Shell Honda got the holeshot but dropped back two places during the race to take 3rd. Jake Moss had a point to prove after his mechanical failure in Moto 1 and pulled away to take an easy 1st. Placing 2nd was another U/19 recruit Kirk Gibbs of Team Seven Yamaha.

Overall, Michael Phillips took 1st on the day, followed by Kirk Gibbs in 2nd and Danny Anderson in 3rd.

Mitch Hoad was happy with his start in Moto 1 but struggled at the beginning and the end. “I got a great start but was untidy for the first couple of laps. The plan was to keep (Jake) Moss close but I was just trying too hard. I found some good lines in the middle of the race and when Moss went down I got a comfortable lead. I made some mistakes in the finals laps and it would have been good to win fair and square but a win’s a win. Hoad’s second race of the day is usually his strongest but unfortunately today that was not the case.

After Moto 1, Serco Yamaha Team Manager Gavin Eales said that they didn’t know yet what exactly caused the breakdown of Jake Moss’ bike in Moto 1 but that Moss would change to a spare bike for Moto 2.

Kirk Gibbs of Team Seven Yamaha said his previous performances were hampered by bad starts and he entered today planning on improving in that area. “In my first race I got a bad starts and then had to fight just to get 7th. In the second Moto, I got an average start again but one I got into 3rd place I settled into a rhythm and then Lewis Stewart went down which gave me 2nd. Now I go back into U/19’s for the next two rounds and feel much more confident.

Mark Haughton, Team Manager for Team Seven Yamaha said that Gibbs had exceeded expectations and that his performance was proof that their development program is on schedule and producing results.

Jake Moss said that he felt much better in the second Moto. “Luckily it was fine. I felt much better in the second race than the first, but I knew I had to win the second. I’m happy though because I’ve managed to come out of today without any effect on my points standing.

In the Craig Dack Rookies’ final round of the Yamaha MX National Development Series, Ross Beaton on his Honda was too good taking out both Moto’s and overall winner on the day. Luke Styke was 2nd and Tim Lonsdale came in 3rd.

Ross Beaton said that he’s feeling fit and not carrying any injuries. “I expected to ride well today. I went in with a plan and everything seemed to exactly as I hoped. The Wonthaggi track is excellent — there are a lot of lines and the ruts and bumps really play to my advantage, he said.

Round 9 will be held at Lakes Race Track in NSW on 5 August and Round 10 will held at Coolum, QLD on August 12.

2007 AUSTRALIAN MOTOCROSS C’SHIP at Mackay: Rd7: Pro Open Race 1: C Cooper (No Fear Honda) 33m45s 1, C Boyd (Yamaha) 34m14s 2, D Reardon (Kawasaki) 34m34s 3, J Marmont (KTM) 34m42s 4, C Anderson (Honda) 34m58s 5. Race 2: D Reardon (Kawasaki) 32m55s 1, C Cooper (Honda) 33m13s 2, J Marmont (KTM) 33m31s 3, C Boyd (Yamaha) 33m36s 4, K Mosig (Honda) 33m36s 5. Pro Lites Race 1: M Hoad (Kawasaki) 32m55s 1, M Phillips (?????) 32m59s 2, B Harrison (Yamaha) 33m05s 3, T Waters ( KTM) 33m09s 4, A Monea (KTM) 33m10s 5. Race 2: J Moss (Yamaha) 31m12s 1, K Gibbs (Yamaha) 31m29s 2, D Anderson (Honda) 31m39s 3, M Phillips (Yamaha) 31m43s 4, K Tobin (Suzuki) 31m46s 5. Craig Dack Rookies: Race 1: R Beaton (Honda) 17m28s 1, J McNeil (KTM) 17m40s, K Hall (Suzuki) 17.41 3, T Lonsdale (Honda) 18m23s 4, L Styke (Yamaha) 18m29s 5. Race 2: R Beaton (Honda) 17m45s 1, L Styke (Yamaha) 18m07s 2, T Lonsdale (Honda) 18m12s 3, K Hall (Suzuki) 18m20s 4, J McNeil (KTM) 18m48s 5.

CHAMPIONSHIP STANDINGS: Pro Open: D Reardon 355 1, D Hurley 295 2, C Cooper 284 3, J Marmont 279 4, T Carroll 222 5. Pro Lites: J Moss 337 1, M Hoad 258 2, D Anderson 236 3, K Tobin 210 4, C Mackie 5. Craig Dack Rookies Class: R Beaton 161 1, K Hall 156 2, L Styke 136, 3, J McNeill 130 4, T Lonsdale 127 5.

For more information in relation to the 2007 Nokia MX Nationals, go to Click on the link to access the website.

HIP STANDINGS: Pro Open: D Reardon 355 1, D Hurley 295 2, C Cooper 284 3, J Marmont 279 4, T Carroll 222 5. Pro Lites: J Moss 337 1, M Hoad 258 2, D Anderson 236 3, K Tobin 210 4, C Mackie 5. Craig Dack Rookies Class: R Beaton 161 1, K Hall 156 2, L Styke 136, 3, J McNeill 130 4, T Lonsdale 127 5.

For more information in relation to the 2007 Nokia MX Nationals, go to Click on the link to access the website.