New on…Video!

If you’ve been checking out lately, you’ve seen the Wednesday wallpapers, and photos of new bikes, gear, and places to ride. But now we’ve added something new…video clips!

In addition to our usual array of text reports and photos, we’ll let you know when you can check the section for additional Quicktime video footage. There will also be occasions when we feature something in the magazine that could benefit from additional video clips that will be housed here.

All our clips are in Quicktime format. If you have a modern browser, you might already be set up with the appropriate plug-in. If not, check with for a free plug-in or Quicktime player.

Oh, just one warning…if you’re surfing from work, there’s nothing like the sound of a two-stroke or four-stroke race bike to grab attention. Turn down the volume on your computer, or plug some headphones in, would ya?

The link to the area is

Here are some topics that we’ve recently uploaded. Look for more soon!