New Photo Gallery Standards For TWMX Pin Ups

We’re sorry to report that due to FCC complaints, all future TWMX poster and pin up models will now be required to wear much less revealing outfits. Even the photos that accompany this mini-gallery were considered “borderline” by the censors. Fortunately, they allowed them to be used during a transition period. However, failure to comply with the new dress code in the future could result in stiff penalties.

Ever since the Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” at the Super Bowl, the FCC has been cracking down on indecency, and apparently the formerly scantily clad beauties on the pages of TWMX haven’t gone unnoticed. “With the changing political climate in the U.S., and the swing to more conservative attitudes, combined with a massive letter-writing campaign from concerned mothers, we’ve been forced to adjust our editorial package accordingly,” said publisher, Brad McDonald.

“In the future, you can expect skirts, though they’ll be knee-length or longer. We also expect business attire will meet with approval, though anything that’s sleeveless will not be allowed.”