New Practice Schedule at Competitive Edge MX Park

Hesperia, CA (June 29, 2007) – Since opening in 2005, Competitive Edge MX Park set out to make a motocross park that all ages and levels could enjoy. Even now in 2007, we keep changing things up! Ever hear your buddies say how cool it would be to ride with the likes of Carmichael, Vuillemin or Grant??? Well, here is your chance to do just that.

CEMX offers 5 tracks open to the public. #1 Main track is 1.2 miles long and is the oldest track at the park. Safe turns, tabletops and rolling whoops makes the #1 track fast!

#2 National track is on our newly purchased 8 acres and runs the same distance as the #1 — 1.2 miles. Talk about some jumps…this track has everything from 2 sets of rolling whoops and a triple step up to off camber turns on and off natural terrain. This is the track that pulls in the pros for their outdoor practicing.

#3 Hillside track is just what the title says…on the side of a hill. Running .9 miles, this natural terrain track allows for a safe environment for those riders just learning to ride. Off camber turns and safe doubles gets you ready for the next step up on the #1 and #2 tracks.

The pit bike track allows those riders that are moving up from the pee wee’s and the adults on their fast machines to pin it on a smaller scale track. Only 150cc’s and lower are allowed on this track.

The pee wee track is newly remodeled to give the little ones a track that they can feel safe and comfortable on. With new safe jumps and a trick layout, they are sure to walk away with a smile on their face!

Practice schedule is as follows from 8am to 4pm;

  • Tuesday – #2, #3, Pit Bike and Pee Wee Tracks OPEN
  • Wednesday – #1, #3, Pit Bike and Pee Wee Tracks OPEN
  • Friday – #2, #3, Pit Bike and Pee Wee Tracks OPEN
  • Saturday- #1, #3, Pit Bike and Pee Wee Tracks OPEN
  • Sunday – – #1, #2, #3, Pit Bike and Pee Wee Tracks OPEN
  • Saturday/Sunday schedule may differ due to races
  • Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday practice is open all day to any level rider
  • Saturday/Sunday is split practice every 20 minutes. (Pro/Intermediate, Novice/Beginner, Mini’s)
  • All 3 levels ride for 20 minutes on #1, #2 and #3 then rotate.

Want to learn more about our practice and race schedule? Go to or call 909-456-1070 for weekly updates.