NEW RK Works “MXZ4” Racing Chains

Made for the serious Motocross racer, GB520MXZ4 race chain offers excellent value for the money. MXZ4 chains feature Chromoly steel construction with seamless rollers and bushings for longer life, and oversized special alloy pins for added strength. All components are heat treated using RK’s exclusive HIT (Heat Induction Transfer) process. With a maximum tensile strength rated at 9,000 foot pounds, GB520MXZ4 is the strongest motocross chain available for professional level 125cc to 500cc class racing. Also available in sizes 420 and 428 and in gold or non-gold finish. To order, contact your local motorcycle dealership. For technical information, see

• Lightest motocross chain available on the market, 2.9 lbs per 100 links.
• Ideal for professional level 125cc to 500cc open class racing.
• “MXZ4 chains have a maximum tensile strength of 9,000 lbs per 100 links making GB520MXZ4 the strongest motocross chain ever.
• Available with bright Gold inner and outer plates or in standard steel.
• Suggested Retail Price: $93.31 for 120 links

For more information contact:RK EXCEL America Inc.,Tel 760-732-3161 Fax 760-732-3186Email Website