New Tech 3 Boot / Tech 3 All Terrain

Technical, high-performance motocross / off-road boot for entry-level racers. Brand new design for impressive performance, comfort and safety at an astonishing price.


  • Superior buckle system
    Advanced closure system inspired by the Tech 10. Features strong techno-polymer buckles for easy adjustability with a precise, secure and streamlined fit.
  • Uniflex anti-torsion design and patented internal “ankle brace
    Comprehensive support and security built in to the external/internal structure of the boot minimizes lateral flex and the risk of hyper extension.
  • New, exclusive dual compound sole with integral steel shank
    Sole provides superior durability, grip, feel and a high level of structural rigidity. Anti-bacterial innersole designed for extra support and improved comfort.
  • Contoured shin plate
    Injected high modulus PU shaped with a profile that provides high level of impact and abrasion resistance.
  • All Terrain version uses grippier sole
    The AT sole is designed for enduro ATV and off-road riders who require more grip.

Colors Tech3 Boot – Black, Gray, Black-Red and White

Colors Tech3 All Terrain — Black, Brown

Sizes – (US) 5 to 16 / (EUR) 38 to 52

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