New Vortex Pro Rider Support Rep

Vortex is pleased to announce that Rick Williams out of Team Solitaire will be the 2007 Vortex Pro Rider Support Rep for all AMA SX and MX Nationals. Vortex has built a name based on manufacturing high quality race products and providing excellent service to our race teams. Rick Williams will carry the torch in providing support for Vortex sprockets and handlebars to all Vortex riders and teams such as Motoworld Yamaha, Star Racing, Team Solitaire Honda, Ware Racing, Tamer Kawasaki, SRT Yamaha, and many more including the Wonder Wart Hog riders.

To find Rick just look for the Vortex tent at AMA SX & MX races near the Team Solitaire Honda truck. If you don’t make it to the races check out our website to view the latest in sprocket and handlebars, including our all new Cat5 Sprockets.