New Website and Letter from Ryan Dungey

Hello everyone. I hope you like my new web site. We’ve been working with the guys at VRM and I want start by saying thanks to Carl Hein and everyone over there for helping me get my first web site up and running. I think they’ve created something pretty cool and I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with my fans through this site.

Well, first off, I want to let everyone know that I am truly living a dream! Riding for Makita Suzuki, on factory bikes with big time factory support, is the ultimate in our sport. And add in being able to work with some greatest riders of all time in Roger, Ricky and Ivan? Unbelievable!

I haven’t taken this opportunity lightly. There’s a motivation that comes with turning pro in our sport. Even though motocross is considered an individual sport, you learn quickly it takes a team to get to the top. I’m learning that from Ricky, who I think has built the best team of all. And when I say team, I mean his mechanic, Makita Suzuki and Roger, his trainer, his sponsors and the people he chooses to run in his “inner circle. And of course, his wife and mom and dad are a huge part of his success.

So I guess, in a sense, that’s where I started, building my team. My mechanic Tim (aka Tool Time) and the rest of the team (from Ray to Ian to Lee), they’ve taught me more about testing and bike set up than I ever imagined. They’ve been together for years and it shows in their race and bike preparation. I hope to be with this team for as long as they’ll have me!

As for training, I used to think I trained hard when I was an amateur. I’ll tell you one thing, in order to race against guys like Villopoto, Townley or any of the other Lites riders, well, let’s just say you have to be ready, both physically and mentally. I work with Darrin Stockton, who works with Ivan Tedesco, whom I ride with and have become close to). He has me on a program that I think has really paid off and my conditioning has given me a ton of confidence.

I’m also very fortunate to have a solid group of sponsors that have followed me from amateur career into the pros. And who better to have than Answer. Big E and the rest of people over there have been behind me (and my brothers Jade and Blake) for most of our careers. So when I went pro, it was a no-brainer to stay with them! And they make cool gear too. And ONE helmet with Oakley goggles: Does it get any better than that? Also, I’m happy to be on with Gaerne boots and, of course, Rockstar Energy Drink.

And how cool is to be the first pro rider in our sport to be sponsored by Nike 6.0?! Nike is obviously a huge company, but being a part of the 6.0 brand feels like a smaller family and I’m happy to be on the team.

And speaking of family, I have to let everyone know that turning pro is one heck of a way to pay my mom, dad and grandparents back for all the support (and money of course) they’ve given me throughout my career. I want to make them proud, for many reasons, but the close relationship I have with my mom and dad, and brothers, keep me grounded, and where I find my motivation.

As we take this break in the supercross schedule (that’s 13 straight weeks for the big class riders!), I thought I’d also take a moment to share with you all my thoughts on how the first half of my first pro season has gone.

Well let’s just say that time flies when you’re having fun. It sure seems like it wasn’t very long ago that I was lining up on that gate at Millville. Although I was happy with my results (7th overall) at my first race, it was the other three races (not as good, LOL) that I used as motivation this past off season.

In the off season, I moved away from home to California and started testing with Makita Suzuki and riding with Ivan, and Ricky when he was out in California. It was harrd to move away from home … I missed my family big time, but the move paid off. I was able to focus every day, every week, and commit my entire life to racing. It’s all I did (and wanted to do).

Team Makita Suzuki had a good plan for me: Race Reno Arenacross, then Vancouver Supercross, before making my debut at Atlanta. And while I felt prepared going into the first East Coast round, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Winning that first race was unbelievable, but to tell you the truth, the Indy win just might have been the most special (after the three tough races between wins). I know I probably learned more from the second one, that’s for sure!

Well, I hope you enjoy my site. I will write something like this every month or so to give you an update on how things are going. I want thank all the fans, both at the races at home watching on the TV, and to the media for being so generous on me and my team.

Keep supporting the sport and God Bless!