New Weekly Television Show Featuring Dirt Bikes

“DIRT BIKE TELEVISION, which premiered on the iDrive Satellite Network Channel 221 recently, is the first and only television show featuring dirt bikes—totally—and everything dirt bikes!

A 30-minute magazine format show about off-road motorcycles, “DIRT BIKE TELEVISION is produced by Reel Tour Productions, LLC, of Lansdale, PA., and features former motocross racer Erik Nelson as host. On the weekly show, Erik rides and hosts, conducts factory tours, and interviews individuals associated with the sport of dirt bike riding. New products, riding areas, and maintenance tips also are included with professional riders and industry mechanics sharing their knowledge and expertise with Erik and thus with “DIRT BIKE TELEVISION viewers.

Riding segments take viewers on action-packed rides in scenic places as diverse as the Mohave Dessert and Death Valley to the dry lakebed El Mirage and dirt bike tracks across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. And while on those rides, Erik points out amazing sites not to be missed and talks with interesting experts who know all the ins and outs of dirt bikes and then some!

“DIRT BIKE TELEVISION is the lifelong dream of producer Patrick La Meau, formerly of Orlando, FL. Patrick, always a rider and motocross enthusiast, dreamed of creating and producing a weekly TV show dedicated solely to the sport of motorcycling. He contacted Joseph Collura, owner of a video production company, and Reel Tour Productions, LLC, began shooting an exciting, fast-moving, magazine-format TV show.

Erik Nelson raced amateur motocross in District #6 for 7 seasons. He received 1st place in District #6 and has ranked 29th and 31st at Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Nationals. Also a professional actor, Erik has been featured on the made-for-TV movie “Untold Stories of US Navy Seals, aired on The Learning Channel, as well as special holiday programs for NBC’s Bravo Channel. He has hosted several physical fitness equipment infomercials and has toured playing principal roles in numerous live theatre productions throughout the US, Europe, Africa, and the West Indies.

Co-hosting with Erik is Megan Gunning, a former Miss Maryland and product host for QVC. Megan has also played character roles in the soaps “As the World Turns and “All My Children.

During the last two weeks of August, Erik shot segments for “DIRT BIKE TV” throughout California and Nevada. He rode across the Mohave Dessert, through Death Valley, up and down the mountains around Las Vegas, and soared across the beaches of San Diego.

Dirt bike factory tours (a $ 65-million after market industry) were conducted in these areas. A company that develops special dirt bike tours for amateur riders of any and all ages put a unique tour together for the show which included riding in the dessert, up steep mountain trails, down into caves, through a ghost town, and a ride by the abandoned haven of Charles Manson!!