New Year’s Resolutions For a Safe 2006

With New Year’s Eve fast approaching, it’s that time of year to make some New Year’s resolutions. Rather than cheesy ones that you know won’t last long, here are a couple suggestions for resolution that you might actually pull off.

First off, make a resolution to check out your safety gear. Go through your boots, chest protector and whatever else you wear to make sure that it’s going to function as intended. Are your boot in good shape? Or are they flopped-over lumps of plastic and leather? Have your ultra-sharp pegs eaten through the soles so that you’re about one good jump away from die-cutting u-shaped chunks out of your insoles?

As far as your helmet goes, if you suspect that it’s crash-damaged (from a serious sky/ground/sky/ground incident), you can usually send it back to the manufacturer to have it checked out. If you’re a little more confident that it’s damaged (like you can see damage in the shell or liner, or you’ve taken a few good hits with it), just replace it. Yes, that even goes for you guys who’ve dished out big bucks for custom paint, too. Don’t try to milk extra life out of it, in the name of fashion.

Our other suggestion for a solid New Year’s Resolution is to take a class or riding school. It’ll likely help break bad riding habits, reinforce what you’re doing right, and you should come away from the experience with a more solid base of confidence and technical proficiency. We’ve included a list of some of the more prominent schools and coaches from around the U.S. here.

David Bailey MX

Personal coaching and career development.


Gary Bailey MX School
P.O. Box 130
Axton, VA 24054

Two-, three-, and five-day classes; videos and books.

(276) 650-1759

Brandon Cunningham Moto School
405 Park Manor Dr. Brandon, FL 33511

Single-day schools, multi-day camps, instructional DVDs.

(813) 643-2968

Tony D. Motocross Schools
345 John Hyde Road
New Windsor, MD 21776

One-day, semi-private, two-day, and camps.


Motocross Trainer
Menifee, CA

Start Bars, racer development programs.

Jim Gibson’s Motocross Training
38699 Calle La Salida
Murrieta, CA 92562

Hourly, 12-hour and week-long programs.

(951) 698-9272

Donnie Hansen Motocross Academy
12265 Old Barn Road
Elbert, CO 80106

Two-, three-, and four-day schools and camps; videos/DVDs.

(719) 495-2624

Kurt Hendricksen MX School

CDs, private lessons.

(951) 257-4598

Ricky Johnson’s MX School of Champions
P.O. Box 80
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92678

One- and two-day schools.

(949) 951-7223

Millsaps Training Facility
867 Bold Springs Road
Cairo, GA 39828
Annual and weekly memberships, week-long camps ; two-day MX fitness camps. (229) 378-0606
Instructional how-to videos.  

Gary Semics Motocross Schools & Videos
37316 Eagleton Rd.
Lisbon, OH 44432

Two-day weekend classes; private and semi-private classes (pros only); technique DVDs.

(330) 424-929

Here’s to everyone¿whether you’re a racer, or a recreational rider¿and a fun, productive, and most of all, a safe 2006.