Ninth Annual A Day in the Dirt Motocross Grand Prix

Once again Troy Lee Designs is proud to present the 9th Annual A Day inthe Dirt Motocross Grand Prix.

Thanksgiving Weekend, November 24-26, 2006

Competitive Edge Motocross Park in Hesperia, CA

Action begins early Friday morning with the Troy Lee Happy Hour practicesession. As always, A Day in the Dirt will design one of the coolestGrand Prix courses, fun for riders and spectators alike. Race days,Saturday and Sunday, feature a full slate of unique events including theCelebrity Team Race, the North vs. South Challenge, and the Moto-A-GoGo. There are classes for all; minis, vets, amateurs, and pros, wrapping the weekend up with the notorious 2 ½ hour motocross race, the Coup de Grace.

It is a race like no other, some of our current & past participantsinclude Hollywood’s top stuntmen & women, motocross racing legends;Ricky Johnson, Jeff Ward, Ron Lechein, Jeremy McGrath, Mike Kiedrowski,Ryan Hughes, Jeff Emig, Broc Glover, Mike Bell, Micky Dymond, and JohnDeSoto, plus extreme celebs; Ronnie Renner, Robie & Bret Peterson, HenryWiles, Shaun Palmer, Dave Mirra, Mike Metzger, and the up-and-comingyoung guns; Chris Gosselaar, Josh Hansen, Josh Grant, Ryan Sipes, TylerKeefe, Ben Lamay, Cale Wallace, Ryan Penhall, and many, many more. Nodoubt, fans can expect to see some of the world’s best.

The event is hosted by the Hollywood Stunt and Film Community, broughtto you by

Brand X and Stunts Unlimited, and sponsored by Weekend Warrior,Asterisk, Racer X, Flexfit, and N-Style.

ENTRIES OPEN September 30th

Racers, Campers, Spectators Visit for Complete Event Info