North of the Border ’04: Round 2; Mission, BC

Just like last year, we’re following along with Craig Decker as the Californian races the 250 class in the CMRC Canadian Nationals.

Round 2: Mission, BC

“The track at Mission was pretty sandy¿it’s the sandiest track of the series, next to Quebec. It was good weather, probably in the 90s, and the track got really rough. The bad news was that somewhere during the week prior I caught the flu, and by the weekend it was probably in the worst part of it. I was pretty sick and was struggling for sure, so it wasn’t good circumstances. I was just really run down and low energy.”

Moto One

“In the first moto I got a second place start. Dowdy holeshot, and JSR passed me in the third lap or so. Those guys pulled away a little bit, but at the same time I wasn’t really pushing too much. It was a pretty boring race on my end, being in third and no one really pressuring me. I was pumped to finish there, but I was dead afterward. I gave it everything I had.”


“Between motos I just tried to cool off and drink a bunch and rest as much as I could. I couldn’t eat and I was feeling achy everywhere. It was hard to get any motivation going. I was just real tired and hating the idea of the second moto, for sure.”

Moto Two

“In the second moto, I got off the gate about eighth, and had moved into fourth by the fourth lap or so. Then the third place guy crashed and inherited his spot. I rode pretty much alone in third until about four laps to go, when Keith Johnson got pretty close to me. I was just in survival mode, but was able to hold him off. My 3-3 was good for third overall, and I was happy to come out of there as well as I did.”


125 Action

“The 125 races were really good. In the first moto Dusty Klatt and Ryan Morais were both leading at different times, and both fell. Klatt ended up winning the first moto, because Ryan fell last.”

“In the second moto, Jeff Northrop was leading, but crashed. Then Morais was leading for most of the race, and he fell over with maybe three or four laps to go, but but Ryan got back up an passed him and finished right in front of him for the overall. It was good racing, for sure.”

What’s Next?

“This weekend’s Calgary. That track’s pretty good, too. It’s got a lot of jumps, some hills, and it’s one of the longer tracks. However, the forecast is looking pretty wet. Mud isn’t my favorite, since I don’t see it much down here. It’s definitely not what I want to see, but it’ll be the same for everyone.”

Craig is currently in second spot in the 250s, 20 points out of the lead, which is held by Jean Sebastien Roy. In 125 West, Dusty Klatt has a 10-point margin over Ryan Morais.