North of the Border ’04: Round 3, Calgary, AB

Follow along with Craig Decker as the Californian races the 250cc class in the 2004 CMRC Canadian Nationals, eh!

Round 3: Calgary, Alberta (Wild Rose MX Park)

“The track in Calgary is typically hard-packed, and on top of that it rained pretty hard on Friday night before our Saturday qualifiers, so practice was really muddy. Once it dried up it was baked hard similar to Lake Elsinore MX in SoCal, and there were some pretty gnarly ruts. It was kind of nasty to be honest. The track formed one line because of the rain, so it definitely made things more of a challenge. It wasn’t the best I’ve seen it up there, but it was better than being muddy. On Sunday, because of the way the track was watered, it pretty much developed the same. There was a bit of a breeze in the air, but it was fairly nice otherwise—sunny, and in the 70s.


“Heading into the weekend I felt quite a bit better than I did the previous weekend with the flu that I had, but I was still a little down on energy. I stayed off the bike all week to rest up and try to regain some of it, but that caused me to be a little bit shaky in my first practice session. During qualifying on Saturday I somehow got a hay bail cover caught up in my rear wheel and ended up getting a 15th place, so I had a terrible gate pick in the first moto on Sunday.

Moto One

“I came out fairly good considering my gate pick, and found myself in about tenth place on lap one. By the second or third lap I think I was in about sixth place attempting to pass for fifth, but I crashed. I was on a hill and it took me a little while to get going. I think I took off in about fourteenth or fifteenth place. By the end of the moto I was only able to get up to eighth, so it wasn’t really the moto finish I was hoping for. JSR won his fifth moto in a row, Dusty Klatt got second, and Dowdy got third.


Moto Two

“In moto two, I got a pretty good start—about sixth—and passed a couple guys to move up into fourth. By that time, though, the top three guys were pretty much out of reach, so I rode in for a pretty uneventful fourth. JSR won again, Huffman was second, and Dowd got third. Considering the illness I’ve battled the past couple of weeks I am not too disappointed in my performance. I am sure I’ve got the speed to get up and battle with the top three, so I am looking forward to this small two week break to get healthy and train again, and then I’ll be back and ready to go.


125 Action

“The 125 races looked about the same as they have thus far. Ryan Morais took the win with a 2-1, and he’s looking really strong. I think if he can win both motos at the next race he should wrap up the title. The points are pretty close between him and Dusty Klatt, so it has turned into a pretty good series.

What’s Next?

“After the first three rounds I am sitting tied for third in points with Huffman, and we’re not too far behind Dowd in second. JSR is looking really strong right now having won every moto, so we all have some work to do to try and tighten the points back up.

“We now have two weekends off and then we’ll do the last five rounds all in a row. The next round is at Regina Moto Valley, which is another flat, hard-packed course with manmade jumps, so I’ll probably do most of my practicing at Lake Elsinore MX between now and then. Like I said though, this break is well needed, so I don’t plan to over do it.