North of the Border ’04: Round 4, Regina Moto Valley

Follow along with Craig Decker as the Californian races the 250cc class in the 2004 CMRC Canadian Nationals, eh!

The Canadian National series is now half over, with the riders completing round four at the Regina Moto Valley facility last weekend. As usual, we checked in with Craig Decker to see what’s going on up north. Unfortunately, last weekend was one he’d like to forget, as Craig explains. “It was not good. I got bad starts, and the track was really hard-packed. It didn’t work any lines into the corners¿they were all flat. It was like Supermoto. Everyone was the same speed, so it was hard to make progress.”


“In the first moto I started around 12th, and worked up to fifth, which was good, and passed a lot of guys, but I just needed to get a better start. Jean Sebastien Roy won the moto and Damon Huffman was second. John Dowd was third.”


“In the second moto I crashed in the second turn and was dead last, so I was playing catch-up. I only got up to tenth place because I was down too long and by the time I caught up, everyone was too spread out. It wasn’t good¿kind of a bummer.”

“Now I’m fourth in points, and Dowd’s third and about 14 points in front of me. It cost me quite a few points. Huffman was 2-2, so he gained a bunch of points on me, and Dowd went 3-3, and he did the same. It wasn’t good as far as that goes. It’s one you’d like to forget, I guess.”




“In the 125s, Dusty Klatt was leading and Ryan Morais was second. They stayed that way for a long time. Morais was close enough that he was putting some pressure on Klatt and Dusty ended up sliding out in a corner. So Morais ended up going on and winning that moto. So it came down to the last moto between the two of them. Klatt got the holeshot and Ryan probably started fourth or so and got into second, and it just stayed that way. Like I said earlier, the track was too easy, and it all boiled down to who started in front of who, and who was going to win. Klatt won the moto and took the title.”



Looking forward, Craig says, “This week (at RJ Motorsport Park in Midhurst, Ontario) the track should be better for me. Last year it was rocky, and it got pretty rough, so it should be good for me. It should separate everyone a little bit better, and make it easier to pass. The main thing is, I need to get to the first corner better. I practiced starts this week, so we’ll see.”