Nothing Can Stop the Cowboy!

July 4, 2003: Europe’s biggest freestyle motocross event thrills 23,000 spectators at Madrid’s Las Ventas bullring with plenty of great jumps and one spectacular crash.

Madrid. Following up on his triumph last week in Valencia, American Kenny Bartram, known as “Cowboy,” rode to victory at the Red Bull X-Fighters at Madrid’s Las Ventas bullring, which has been sold out for the past week.


Of the eight starters, five were left after the first round, three of which went on to become finalists – representing the absolute world class of freestyle motocross.


In front of 23,000 enthusiastic spectators, Bartram left his two strongest competitors, Nate Adams (USA) and Dayne Kinnaird (Australia) in the dust in the final round. Trailing leader Kinnaird in the second round, Bartram turned on the heat in the finals, nailing jumps of unbelievable daring and precision – including two backflips and a no-hander.


A spectacular crash occurred in the second round, when American superstar and freestyle legend Mike Jones went into a backflip with insufficient torque: when his bike reached the vertex of the backflip and hung in the air, wheels up, Mike jumped off headfirst and fell several meters to the ground, landing on his back. The shocked silence of the audience turned into thunderous applause when Mike Jones stood up and left the arena under his own power – if a bit pale.

Final Results:

  1. Kenny Bartram (USA)
  2. Nate Adams (USA)
  3. Dayne Kinnaird (AUS)
  4. Nick Franklin (NZL)
  5. Mike Jones (USA)
  6. Stefano Minguzzi (ITA)
  7. Sydney de Andrés (ESP)
  8. Manu Troux (FRA)