NPG¿s Ready To Broadcast!

Beginning with Hangtown this Sunday, May 16, AMA Chevrolet Motocross Championship fans will be able to follow all 12 nationals  ¿ Live ¿  on

SACRAMENTO, (May 10, 2004) ¿ The National Promoters Group today announced that race coverage of all 12 rounds of the AMA Chevrolet Motocross Championship is all set for the third straight year as the nationals, sponsored by Racer X, will be broadcast ¿live¿ in streaming audio, via the Internet, on the official web site of the nationals and the only motocross web site to offer live trackside announcing of the races ¿

Like in year¿s past, the NPG is working in cooperation with Clear Channel Motorsport¿s supercross webcast provider ¿ Akamai.

¿Akamai is the largest streaming provider in the world,¿ said Karin Colucci, Director, Internet Communications for Clear Channel Motorsports. ¿Akamai¿s clients include General Motors, Harley-Davidson, Inc., and Yahoo!¿

The remoteness of the nationals presents a tricky technological situation for the NPG¿s web expert, Tim Cotter, and Colucci. Last year the NPG attempted to work with a high speed Internet connection, only to run into some technical difficulties ¿ mainly in part to the rural location of the tracks. So this year the NPG will go back to a standard phone line feed which, according to Colucci, will work just fine for all listeners.

¿The end user won¿t know the difference,¿ said Colucci. ¿Everybody, no matter what computer you¿re using, will get a good stream from the nationals this summer. The output stream is lower than supercross, due to the absence of a high speed Internet connection, but not of any less quality when considering the audio.¿ Noteworthy:  Akamai uses what¿s called a ¿triple redundant system,¿ meaning if one server happens to go down, a second server instantly picks up the stream.

New to the broadcast team this summer is Rob Buydos. Highly knowledgeable and charismatic, Buydos will join Cotter in the booth, supported by field reporters David Bailey and AMA Sports Journalist of the Year, Jason Weigandt.

¿We¿ve got David (Bailey) coming in for High Point and Steel City, maybe more,¿ said Cotter. ¿And I¿m looking forward to working with Rob Buydos. Rob certainly knows his stuff and will bring a lot of enthusiasm to the booth.¿

In addition to the live broadcast on, motocross fans hungry for information can also stop by the AMA¿s website:

In cooperation with Clear Channel Motorsports and sponsored by Racer X magazine, the NPG¿s exclusive streaming audio broadcast of the nationals on ¿ dubbed the ¿Racer X Nationals Webcast¿ – will begin at approximately 12:30 p.m. on race day and last in the area of 4.5 hours ¿ until the race and post-race interviews are complete. The stream will be provided on Windows Media Player only with a flash commercial movie that runs as a place holder until the live event begins. The NPG expects in excess of 20,000 listeners per event.

¿The NPG  is very excited to again provide this service to the motocross industry,¿ said Glyn Long of the Dirt Diggers North M.C. ¿Fans of the nationals are spread not only across the United States and Canada, but all over the world. We¿re happy to be in-tune with the technology that allows us to broadcast our races ¿ as they happen ¿ to all points on the globe.¿

The goal of the NPG is to raise the awareness of motocross through the production of professional championship racing events, while providing the cash prizes ¿ through sponsorship opportunities – for the competitors. For more information on the NPG and motocross results, please visit our web site at or contact OMS Sports¿ Pat Schutte at (734) 222-0600 or Contact the OMS Sports¿ corporate offices at (859) 647-0718.