Oakley Airwave

The technology from snow sports (snowboarding, skiing) often times overlaps into the motocross world, namely in the eyewear department. Want proof? SCOTT Sports has a massive presence in snow with their clothing, safety equipment, and optics, while the concept behind the frameless Dragon NFX goggles has been around for years. Fans to kill fog, ventilation, lens colors, coatings and more are almost always tested in snow before getting released to the moto market.

The latest and most revolutionary product to hit the snow market may be the Oakley Airwave. With a Switchlock lens system and O-Matter Frame as the basis for the goggle, it is the electronic add-ons that blow us away. Recon Instruments technology allows for access to Bluetooth and GPS then inside the frame lies a small screen to let the wearer see a long list of analytics, including speed, altitude, and height and distance of a jump. This comes on a small screen laid into the lower right of the interior of the frame, and mimics looking at a 14-inch screen from five feet away. Using Bluetooth, you can access your smartphone for texts, music, and phone calls. All can be controlled with a remote that goes on the wearer’s wrist. This is not the first time that Recon has released this technology, as they have previously offered it on a goggle of their own. But with Oakley, it has been refined, mostly due to the wrist-remote.

Is this the future of motocross goggles? That is tough to say, since Oakley is rumored to have been working on this one model for a considerable length of time. All of the features packed inside can carry over to moto, with a few slight modifications, but the price tag may keep all but the most passionate away. Oakley’s list price for the new Airwave comes in at $599.95, an understandable MSRP for a product that is rather groundbreaking.

For more information, check out the video from Oakley and see the full list of features at http://www.oakley.com/products/7094/27029

Designboom has even more photos at http://www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/16/view/24721/oakley-airwave-hud-gps-goggles.html