Oct. 5th Marked the Official Launch of www.subjectmedia.net

Subject Media and Athlete Management Group, a diverse design, marketing, and athlete management
group has officially opened the doors for business. Design creative, strategic marketing, imagery,
and athlete management are amongst the list of services that we are now providing to the motocross

A limited edition of our portfolio is now available for viewing. Site development will continue to
evolve and be sure to bookmark us. We will be adding categorized imagery, work samples, and news
on a weekly basis.

Words from within our scope; animate, attain, audience, brand, build, capture, clout, command ,
compelling, crossroads, deliver, demographic, direct, dominate, entertain, forefront, future, growth,
indication, influence, inform, perform, prevail, probability, professionalism, profit, obtain,
overshadow, resource, return, strength, substance, support, timing, testament, uniformity, unity…

Effective force or power.