6D ATR-1 Helmet, Oakley Crowbar Goggles, Alias A2 Jersey, Alias Lyr8 Under Deflector, Alias AKA Gloves, Alias A2 Pants, Alpinestars Tech 10 boots.

While it was far from intentional, Zach Bell’s name was imprinted into the mind of every motocross fan when he slammed into the Arlington soil. That Bell was able to get up was impressive enough, but it was his ride to the main event through the LCQ which made him heroic. Once people saw that he was for the most part unscathed after the fall, they immediately began inquiring about the gear, particularly the helmet, that protected the rookie from unthinkable injures. Interestingly enough, Bell’s gear is mostly standard catalog items that anyone can buy.

Helmet: 6D ATR-1
Color: Black Stealth
Size: Medium
Price: $745

Thanks to his spot on the GEICO Honda team, Bell is one of the few professional racers in the world using the all-new 6D ATR-1 helmet. The patented design features two EPS liners and an assortment of rubber dampeners to protect a rider from both high-and low-speed impacts to the head. Bob Weber of 6D stated that the liners in both of Bell's helmets at the Arlington Supercross had come completely together, indicating a severe strike to the head, along with a significant amount of rotational shear inside the helmet. Bell uses a medium size helmet in stock trim with only sponsor decals added to the exterior.

Goggles: Oakley Crowbar
Colors: Black/Yellow Victory Stripe | Fastline Green | Fastline Yellow/Blue
Price: $70.00

Bell, along with the rest of the GEICO Honda team, uses Oakley goggles. Bell preferred frame is the Crowbar, which has been a staple in Oakley's catalog and used by their riders for years. The rookie rider is easy to work with in terms of goggles, as he uses a standard clear lens loaded with seven to 14 tearoffs and does not use any alter the frame nor maxi pads for additional sweat absorption.

Jersey: Alias A2
Color: Black | White Vented
Size: Small
Price: $29.95

Bell is one of the shorter riders in the paddock and his gear sizes reflect this. At nearly every race this season he has used Alias A2 jersey, size small. His name, number, and sponsor logos are sublimated into the fabric, something that Alias has become known for. This keeps the weight of the jersey at a minimum and flows air much better than traditional iron-on transfers. Bell’s favorite colorway is Alias’ Red “Written” design, but the Alias team brings different colors each week, some of which will be released later this year.

6D ATR-1 Helmet, Oakley Crowbar Goggles, Alias A2 Jersey, Alias Lyr8 Under Deflector, Alias AKA Gloves, Alias A2 Pants, Alpinestars Tech 10 boots.

Chest Protector: Alias Lyr8 Under Deflector
Color: Black
Size: Small/Medium
Price: $49.95

Underneath Bell's jersey is Alias Lyr8 deflector. The foam padding is slim and minimizes the impact of roost without becoming bulky or restrictive.

Gloves: Alias AKA Glove
Color: Red | Black
Size: Medium
Price: $29.95

The entire GEICO Honda team prefers the minimalistic feel of Alias AKA glove. Its unpadded top and bottom layers are light and flexible, but do not offer much in the way of roost deflection.

Pants: Alias A2 Pant
Color: Black/White
Size: 28
Price: $99.95

Bell's small size is reflected again in his “off the rack” 28-inch waist A2 pants by Alias. Aside from GEICO and Honda logos sublimated into the backs of the legs, there is no other changes to the pant. Alias prefers to sublimate the graphics into the fabric for two reasons: it weighs less than traditional sewn-on patches and eliminates the small chance of snagging on the seat.

Boots: Alpinestars Tech 10
Color: White
Size: 9
Price: $549.95

Like nearly every pro racer, Bell uses Alpinestars’ top-tier offering, the Tech 10. He prefers not to modify the boot in any way.