On The Cover: Ezra Lusk


Team Mach 1 Yamaha's Ezra Lusk is facing one of the most important seasons of his life in 2004. Excited to be back in blue and determined to finally earn that all-elusive Supercross Championship, Yogi says that this season presents the best chance to do so that he's ever had. “It's all in order for me this year,” he said. “My bike, my health, and all of my personal affairs are in order. If there was ever a year that I entered a season with perfect conditions, this is it.”

I had the pleasure of visiting Ezra and his family in Bainbridge, Goergia, on the Saturday after Christmas. Originally, it was set to be the Tuesday beforehand, but when Yogi called with the news about a rainy forecast, I decided to play it safe and pay the extra hundred bucks to switch my ticket. (Well that, and the fact that I still had some last-minute Christmas shopping to do!) Naturally, Yogi called me on Tuesday and said that it was bright and sunny…

In the end, Saturday proved to be just as good an opportunity and Tuesday, and the time I spent photographing Lusk at his private Supercross track is some of the most memorable I've enjoyed in my years at TransWorld MX. Lusk's speed aboard the YZ250 was reminiscent of years past, and I hope to see him find his old form in what very well could be the last season of his career. Good luck, Yogi!

– Donn Maeda