On the Cover: Kevin Windham

IMAGE DATA: Canon EOS-1 body, Canon 300mm f2.8 Ultrasonic lens, Kodak E100VS transparency film pushed one stop, 1/1000th @ f5.6

Ask anyone who some of their favorite riders to watch on the track are, and chances are better than good that Kevin Windham's name will come up. Armed with more natural talent than one man should be allowed to be blessed with, K-Dub is poetry in motion on the race track and a joy to photograph.

When we first asked Kevin to whip it hard for our cameras, he shook his head and said, “Man, that 450 is a lot of bike. I can't whip it all that well.” Yeah, right, Kevin!

This cover shot was taken in Mississippi at Kevin's own Flying W Track n' Trails park, a 2000-acre facility with a National-caliber MX track and miles and miles of top-notch riding trails. If you're an eagle-eyed reader, you've already noticed K-Dub's shaggy 'do flapping out of the back of his helmet, giving away the fact that this shot is a couple months old. For this issue's cover, we tried to hook up repeatedly with K-Dub for a photo shoot at the Honda Supercross track while he was in California testing, but several factors our of our hands kept it from coming together. First, the tragic wildfires that tore through Southern California had the area completely smoked out, and then it was an unexpected storm that swept through the area and rendered the track too muddy to ride.

No matter, we think that this shot of Kevin completely whipped on his big thumper is still a nice choice, and a nice tribute to the new TransWorld Motocross Racer of the Year. This is Kevin Windham's third TWMX cover.

– Donn Maeda

(Luis, if there is room, run that shot of him kissing the trophy, here.)