ON THE COVER with Nate Adams


Image data: EOS1v camera body, Canon 300mm f2.8 Ultrasonic lens, Kodak E100VS color transparency film pushed one stop, 1/1000th @ f5.6


It was a pretty easy decision to choose rising FMX superstar Nate Adams for this month’s cover. You’ll see plenty of the pasty white wonderboy from just outside Phoenix within the issue, as Adams has quietly been taking the freestyle world by storm lately. After winning this year’s Gravity Games he became the first rider to ever defeat Travis Pastrana in competition, so if anybody deserved the cover it was Nate.

We originally set out to nab the shot while filming with Adams for our upcoming video “Crush” at the O’gio compound, but because of the gnarly 70-foot dirt doubles with even gnarlier ruts in the face Nate was unable to pull the trick we needed for the shot.

With just a few days until our deadline, TWMX was so content on giving Nate his promised cover that I booked the first flight possible and B-lined it straight to Arizona. I arrived in Surprise, AZ past midnight, crashed on Adams’ air mattress (thanks Nate!), and got up just after sunrise the following morning. At home and at ease, Nate threw flip after flip until I knew I had the shot. A few hours later I was back on a plane, returning to Cali with a bag full of film. Picking the final cover shot was a tough decision, but this one made the cut because of both the near-perfect trick extension and the fact that Nate’s eyes are visible in the frame.

-Garth Milan