On The Mend Offers Hats Off and Millennial Crutch

On The Mend is the So.Cal/USA distributor for the Hats OFF Emergency Helmet Removal Device as used this year by many of the top AMA pros and rider equipped by Doc Bodnar during this years AMA Supercross series.

Weve all seen the bad injuries this year, James Marshall and Ernesto Fonseca. Not everything can be prevented but using the Hats Off device may help prevent further injuries and complications after a crash and during the helmet removal process.

One The Mend is also the So.Cal/Nor. Cal distributor of the Millennial Crutch. If you are on crutches for any length of time you have to check these out, they are much easier on the body than traditional old fashioned crutches that are in use today. In most cases they are covered by insurance.

I was on crutches for the past 5 months, without the Millennial Crutch life would of been even more miserable. If youve ever used crutchs you know what I mean. This crutch is ergonomically designed and features shock absorbing tips to help elevate the pain and injury caused by the use of traditional crutches. These are a must have for any racer.

  • At On The Mend we only carry two products geared solely for the motocross racer.
  • Owner Kirk Williams has been a MX racer for over 35 years and now races in the vet class.
  • Injuries are a part of racing and riding, we all know that, even more so for us vet guys.
  • Protection and prevention are key. Just because your favorite pro star does not use shoulder pads does not mean the rest of us should not.

Check out the web site for more details. www.onthemend.us