On Track Congratulates Carlos Gonzalez Student of the Month

On Track, the leader in customized education for motocross athletes looking to obtain a cutting edge education, would like to congratulate Carlos Gonzalez as our Student of the Month!

Home: Riverside, CA
Age: 20
Riding #: 706
Class: Supercross Lites West Coast
Team: All American KTM Fire Police

Among the menu of curriculum options available, On Track offers a High School Equivalency program that is perfect for students such as Carlos that have moved into thePro ranks of Supercross. It is at this point that finishing school becomes quite the challenge. When Carlos came to On Track he only had a few courses needed in order to finish his high school requirements. Traditional school is no longer an option for serious racers and this has allowed On Track to help many students achieve their goal of receiving a cutting edge education.

Carlos: “I wanted to finish my high school education, that is the #1 thing that is most important in life, is to have your high school diploma. When racing is over and Supercross is behind me, I will be able to have something to fall back on. If you want to go out and start your own business, a diploma is the one thing you will need to get you there. On Track helped me go over all of the material from high school and that was important too because it helped refresh everything for me and I was able to pass all of my exams within one month. Andrea Leib met with me each week and customized my learning plan so that I could succeed.

Andrea: “Carlos did an outstanding job preparing for his exams in order to attain his diploma. He was responsible with keeping his weekly meetings, did his prep material at home independently, and most of all demonstrated both dedication and desire to succeed.

Way to go Carlos! I will enjoy watching your first race in Anaheim this January.

For more information on customized learning solutions visit www.stayontrack.net or contactAndrea Leib at 909-374-8851 for an On Track brochure and list of current learning coaches.