On Track Congratulates Randi Kiesel Student of the Month

On Track, the leader in customized education for motocross athletes looking to obtaina cutting edge education, would like to congratulateRandi Kiesel as our Student of the Month!

Andrea Leib, President of On Track, commends Randi, that,”By being able to stay on track and even ahead of schedule, youhave demonstrated an awareness of responsibility andleadership. In addition, On Track recognizes that being the sister ofa 12 year old, national motocross racer brings a world of sacrifice.Your mentoring Brady and helping him is a great example that hewill look up to and will encourage other On Track students. Sistersare the unsung heroes of motocross families, in my opinion, Randiyou have truly excelled in all areas!”

Randi explained how having an On Track curriculum has helped her to exceed in schooland her daily life, “What I like most about On Track is that I am able to set my own pacewith my work. I prefer text to online so I can just sit down in my room and get as muchdone as possible. Once I start my work, I just keep going and won’t stop!I like On Track a lot more than public schooling because I don’t feel the stress of needingto have a certain amount of work done in a certain amount of time.

The basic requirements for student of the month are:
• Being on track with school work.
• Being accountable for keeping weekly appointments, responding to
emails, returning calls, etc.• Demonstrating a positive attitude toward learning
• Maintaining a 3.5 GPA.
• Demonstrating good citizenship on and off the track.

Congrats again Randi, excellent job!

For more information on customized learning solutions visit www.stayontrack.netor contact Andrea Leib at 909-374-8851 for an On Track brochureand list of current learning coaches.